Sunday, March 10, 2013

#10 of 31 The Fallback Post

 I knew it would happen. There would come a day I wouldn't have time or imagination to write. I saw this on someone else's blog a while back and wrote it down so I could use it on "one of those days".


Listening: The Mentalist is playing on TV, although I haven't paid attention to anything on since I finished watching Once Upon a Time. 

Eating: Nothing yet. But when I am done I'm going to have some white chocolate macadamia nut ice cream

Drinking: water

Wearing: My typical Sunday attire--comfy pj pants, oversized sweatshirt, slipper socks and a blanket

Feeling: Better than I did this morning. The cold and the speech contest hangover seemed to have gone away.

Weather: Well, if it's Sunday, it must be snowing. We have another Winter Storm Warning. An expected 4-8 inches of heavy, wet snow. There is a strong possibility of no school again tomorrow. If so, it will be our SEVENTH snow day.

Wanting: Summer. My grades to be done. That ice cream....

Needing: More time in my day. Trying to keep up with my two writing classes is kicking my butt. And then there are the other five classes....

Thinking: If I don't have school tomorrow I'll be able to get grades done and finish The Diviners by Libba Bray (a seriously good book).

Enjoying: Comments from the judges about my speech kids' performances yesterday.  It was a great day. 18 Division 1 ratings and 7 Division 2's.  Kids were amazing. More on this later.

So, there you are. My fallback post. Feel free to steal use on your own "I don't know what to write" days!


  1. I love this idea! Thanks for sharing it; it makes for fun reading and also helped me visualize your day. Sounds pretty familiar!

  2. OK, so I am so going to steal this post! Sounds like you had a great time at the speech tournament! Glad you are feeling better! Can't believe you have your seventh snow day looming on the horizon! We had no snow- NONE- until the middle of February. Two of the last three weekends, we have had weather that probably would have been a snow day, had it been a week day. I'd like at least one before the end of the school year, please! And that ice cream sounds yummy! Wonder what we have in our freezer?

  3. I was thinking of you and your speech kids this weekend. I can't wait to hear more! 7 snow days?!?!! I was thrilled when we had the ONE...but I think by 7 I would be worried about losing too much of my summer!

  4. What a weekend you've had! This is such a great idea for "one of those days" that I will definitely steal it/use it. I'm hoping for you that you don't have school tomorrow sounds as though you need a day to gather catch up.

  5. I think this was rather interesting. A Day in the Life of.... And wearing pj pants with oversize sweatshirt with a blanket--healing powers!!! When I went shopping the other day, I started to look for a writerly lounging outfit. Spring Break is on its way, too.

  6. Oh, how thankful I am that I came across your post. I like this idea and I will be using it for one of those days too.