Wednesday, March 27, 2013

#27 of 31 Today

Today I was reminded how short life really is,     
            to appreciate my family and friends,
            to make each moment count.

Today I was reminded to be kind, 
           even when I don't feel like it
           because you just never know.
Today I was reminded to be patient
           because what's easy to some
           brings others to tears.

Today I was reminded
           while my life isn't perfect 
           and happy all the time
           it is my life and I need enjoy it.


  1. Yes, indeed! Life shakes us to the Core! Your advice is wise, Deb!

  2. A very simple way to say some really powerful things. I really like the third stanza--I need to remember it.

  3. Sorry for the instances that bring this to the forefront, but it is a good reminder. Life is fragile.

  4. So sorry that you have to endure this sad reminder of what is most important.

  5. very poignant, Deb. These are such important reminders. As Elsie said, I'm sorry for your losses, but glad that you shared this with us!

  6. Unfortunately in the day to day of life we often forget what is important until something unfortunate happens.

  7. Although these are powerful, positive lessons to keep in mind, the reminder to hold life dear is sobering.

  8. There are those touching, powerful moments in our lives that shake us back into reality. I'm sorry for what has happened, but thankful for your reminders to live for today.

  9. Most of us have this regular need to recenter ourselves, don't we -- to refresh our perspective from time to time. I deeply envy those people who never seem to lose their grounding when it comes to the things you talk about here. Something to aspire to.

    Thoughtful reflection, Deb -- best wishes --

  10. Our lives are so busy and we become so involved that we tend to forget to be thankful for all that we have been blessed with. Thanks for the reminder to enjoy each day as it comes. So sorry for your loss.

  11. Your words are part of my slice:😄