Thursday, March 28, 2013

#28 of 31 It's All Fun and Games....

It starts innocently enough.

I go to the office during fourth hour one day a couple of weeks ago. And when I returned, this is how I found my room. 

The Instigator (AKA "The Fountain")

Today, another teacher returned to their room to find this:

Although she blames this turn of events on a student.  We know who's to blame.  

We all know the quotations about revenge and paybacks and karma.....

And the best part is, I had nothing to do with it.

And we have a four day weekend starting tomorrow.  


  1. Deb,
    How fun! I used to work in a middle school where we had this kind of fun with one another. Livens things up a bit.


  2. Big fun at work today! How great that you enjoy each other! Sure makes it more fun to go to work!

  3. Pranksters. I bet you are good at coming up with pranks.

  4. Whatever it takes to make your job more enjoyable!

  5. Great fun! Your pictures speak volumes. You have a tease in your writing that I love.