Tuesday, March 26, 2013

#26 of 31 Never

So yesterday I wrote 10 pieces of advice for bloggers that started with ALWAYS, Of course, that means today, I have to write 10 pieces of advice that start with NEVER.

Hope I make it.

1. NEVER read someone else's blog and think "I can't write that well". You can. You just have to try. use them as a mentor text and copy what they do.

2. NEVER look back at your own writing and think, "What was I thinking writing this piece?" You were thinking you had a story to tell.

3. NEVER let the critic in your head speak louder than your words.

4. NEVER let the people around you be the critic in your head.

5. NEVER throw away a draft of something you've written. It could turn out to be something pretty awesome.

6. NEVER forget your writer's notebook.

7. NEVER think the stories of your life aren't worth telling.

8. NEVER forget to let your dog write for you once in awhile. It's nice to take a break.

9. NEVER rewrite. Revise, yes. Edit, of course. Rewrite means you didn't mean it the first time. ( Does that make sense? I'm gettin' kind of tired)

10. NEVER let "stuff" keep you from writing.


  1. Love your list! Man, I wish I had heeded #5 when I was younger! :)

  2. Good reminders. I have to check yesterday's post, too. I have thrown away drafts and regretted it. I'm using my writers notebook more as an idea book, too. Post-it notes find their way in too.

  3. Deb,

    Love the advice. Would share most of it with my 4th grade writers. Unfortunately, "stuff" can put a pause on the doing many worthwhile things. So, we just keep trying. Off to read yesterday's list. ~ Theresa

  4. Number 9 has got me thinking. I like the distinction you made there.

  5. Deb, I shared your always list today with my students. One of my girls composed a "tongue in cheek" list of things to always do in the classroom (really things to never do), followed by the things to never do (things to definitely do). It was clever! I also shared your Snow Day: Chloe Style and The Fallback Post. I'm looking forward to a little more variety in their posts! I've already seen a very humorous "Currently" post. Thanks for all the great ideas.

    1. Thanks Ramona. These are the kind of posts my kids like in their notebooks. I've just never done them myself. They are kind of fun and take away some writer's angst since you can really write them anyway you wish.

  6. Yesterday's "always" list was great and today's
    never" list is that reminder of how hard we are on ourselves. I always wonder after I've written a slice if "it's good enough", if "it's a story that anyone will want to read", if ...
    Thanks for sharing this list.

  7. Never miss an opportunity to tell a blogger you've written a great list of always and nevers. :-)

  8. Love number three, especially! It's so challenging not to allow that voice to be heard. Good advice here, Deb, like yesterday's!

  9. #3 is hard to follow.
    Maybe at some point, if anyone feels they have the time and energy, someone will collect the advice and reflection bits and create a Slice of Life handbook.
    Thank you for your two posts. Fun to read and use as inspiration.

  10. What great advice, Deb! I missed yesterday's post and peeked back, and it was great too! :-) I've been trying all year, with varied success, to get my students to understand #7. The challenge is helping some, at least. Thanks for sharing this -- I'm sure you touched a lot of hearts! :-)