Friday, March 29, 2013

#29 of 31 Slice of Life Learning

The month of March is always a learning experience for me. There are so many wonderful slicers, plus there is my faithful crew that I bonded with during my first slice of life. These are all amazing, wonderful, creative, teachers. And everyone of them has struggled at times with writing every day JUST LIKE ME.

So here's what I know after my third slice of life:

1. Set aside that time every day to write. My first year I wrote every morning. It was easy, breezy. I had so much to say. Last year I really struggled finding that time.  I just didn't feel it when it came to writing. This year, I changed my time and I wrote at night, after supper. It worked. Writing this year was much more JOYful.

2. Pay attention to your day. Many times, I thought I didn't have anything to write about. But what do you know. Pay attention and all of a sudden there are lots of little things to write about.

3. Pictures help.  If I take pictures during the day, it reminds me what I want to write about.

4. Steal ideas. No one cares. I actually am honored when someone says they are going to use the idea of a post to write their own. So I steal away! This post idea actually comes from Pernille Ripp's post today. A wonderful teacher I follow on Twitter. If you don't follow her, you should!

5. Even a bad post is better than not writing at all. I've had a few of them this month. Some posts I thought, "Wow. Am I really going to hit publish on this?"  But I did. Because everyone has "those" posts.

I'm sure there's more, but I'm sitting at my son's watching basketball and playing with the grandkids, so that's all I'm going to write for tonight. Because there is a number 6:

Stories come from the time we take to breathe.


  1. I've had many of the same thoughts, especially about taking time to breathe! Thanks for sharing these reflections.

  2. I feel so much more aware when I'm slicing.

  3. I've found that after dinner is the best time for me too. I always relax during that time, so I just morph my relaxing time into writing time. I've been more tired than usual, but I do love the feeling of writing, and it's so much easier than trying to squeeze it into the rest of the day, which tends to always be so full with other things. #2 is my favorite thing about the challenge -- I find myself noticing details and thinking like a writer! (I wrote a whole post about that last year!) I think you're right about borrowing ideas too -- I take it as a big compliment, and I think most other people do too! :-)

  4. Great thoughts on slicing. I started off thinking I would write in the morning - that only lasted a few days! Now I write in the evening and it has worked so much better.
    You are so right about the wonderful slicers - what a lovely community.

  5. I love hearing your thoughts about it all Deb. It's been two years! And very fun, sometimes hard, mostly not. I also read the post before this. My brother & his colleagues completely duct taped a colleagues office shut one day (he told me). You must work in a school like his-what fun. I can't imagine what might happen on April Fool's Day!

  6. You have some great suggestions. I think you should send this to Ruth and Stacey to post as advice for new slicers next year!

  7. Yeah, love this list. Thanks for sharing and it's pinned on my SOLSC board as a reminder! We did it again Deb! Another month of writing! As always, thanks for your comments, your support, your writing, your ideas -- I'm one to steal! :) Thanks!

  8. Great advice--hard to know when to slice. I wedge in a moment, but I know a dedicated time might be better. Great thoughts.

  9. A clear and effective "rules of the road" -- a great summary of what I think we're all supposed to learn from this experience! :)

  10. I have become so much more aware of what is around me and what is happening - all those little things that are taken for granted. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this writing experience.