Thursday, March 16, 2023

16/31 It's Hard to Be a Puppy When It Rains


I can't play in the yard 

  • it's too muddy
  • it's too cold
  • you'll get all wet
  • you'll track mud in the house
It's hard to be a puppy when it rains.

I can't play inside
  • settle down
  • don't bite
  • we're not wrestling
  • stay out of the garbage
  • what are you into now
It's hard to be a puppy when it rains.

I can't sleep all day, 
I have too much energy. 
I don't have any dog friends to play with.
I don't have any kids to play with.

It's hard to be a puppy when it rains.


  1. Look at that face! It would be hard to stay mad a puppy when it rains when she looks like that!

  2. So sweet. This would make a good book for chanting and reading in K-2 (said the school librarian! hint! hint!)

  3. So cute!!! I love the refrain and the rhythm of the list-like lines in between! (The picture is adorable too, of course!) I've been dipping into too many new slicers' posts, and now I'm sad I haven't kept up with yours, but here I am today!


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