Wednesday, March 15, 2023

15/31 Bad Slicer

 I have been a bad slicer the last few days and I don't see it getting better over the weekend. Life is taking over! How dare it!

I haven't written til waaaayyyyy late in the day. I haven't commented like I usually do. Usually, I comment twice a day. In the morning for the early birds and again after supper for those who post later in the day.

I'm setting a goal to write and comment on the next two mornings. Get me on schedule again. 

But Friday we are heading to my mom's overnight. It is the land of the internetless. I'm going to try and write a couple of posts that I can schedule them to post--or at least have them written so I don't have to write from my phone!

But my guess is, I'll write Saturday's post on my phone.

I can't be too organized. Can I?


  1. I can definitely understand life starting to feel like it's getting in the way of slicing. From year to year, depending on the phase I'm in with my kids, I spend a lot or a little time on my blog.

  2. Every year, I start March telling myself I'm going to post early (or at least not at 11:58pm!), that I'm going to be a faithful commenter ... and every year, I'm posting late at night and commenting on far fewer blogs than I'd like. Alas. But we're in the mix! We're posting and commenting, even if not perfectly. I hope you enjoy your visit to your mom's!


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