Chloe Says Good-bye (31/31)

We end the month as we began--with Chloe at the computer--

Dear Slicers,

No offense, but I'm really glad the month is over.  Finally, I will get a little attention in the mornings. Do you know that I haven't gotten to rock and cuddle in the chair all month???  And after school, well, there is no playing in the yard. We don't go for a walk. We don't play Frisbee. We don't do ANYTHING  until she has sat down at that dumb ole computer AGAIN to see if anybody wrote to her.

I hate that computer.

At least now, we can sit outside longer.  And she will play fetch with me and go for longer walks.

You noticed, didn't you, that she didn't let me write very much.  One time. That was all. Well, two times, I guess, since I got to write the first one.  And now, I guess, three times, since I get to say good-bye. But really, that wasn't very much at all. I had a lot of good ideas too. I got to visit my BFF again. I figured out a way to keep the birds out of the yard. But not that squirrel. That squirrel makes me sooooo mad.  It always comes back as soon as I have to come in the house.  It stops half way up that tree and makes fun of me every day.

I hate that squirrel.

Anyway, I could have written about teaching her to play Frisbee and how to get her to fetch the ball. Really, it's taken MUCH longer than I thought it would, but I think she's getting the hang of it

I could have written about our walks. She walks too fast and doesn't let me stop and visit with anyone, but I still have lots of things I could write about.  If she'd just slow down and pay attention....


Did you know we get to go the lake soon?????  No one has told me yet, but I was listening the other night when they thought I was sleeping on the couch. And then, I saw some things getting packed up like my extra toys that stay at the lake (I hate that, by the way---those are fun toys. Why can't I play with them here?).  That means I get to see kids all the time, especially MY kids. And Bella. She's really my BFF, so don't tell Girl.   We have sooooo much fun when we get together. And maybe I'll get to go swimming. Oh, I wish the sun would come out this weekend. My tan is fading. I really need to get working on that again.

OK. Well, I gotta go.  It's time for me to go chase the birds out of the bushes. And I just know that annoying squirrel is hanging around outside somewhere.  Mom will be back on Tuesday. This writing stuff is hard work!


  1. Loved this! I'm sure my family is glad the month long challenge is over so I can spend more time with them and household chores. :). Personally I can't figure out if I am glad or sad this challenge is over.

  2. What a cute picture! I'm glad you decided to end with the voice of Chloe - too cute. It's been a pleasure stopping by your posts and I truly appreciate your encouragement on my blog!

  3. This post is too fun! Chloe has a lot of opinions about the challenge. Glad she will be free to get to the lake and get back to her frisbee!
    Thanks for all your comments and great slices. It's been fun!

  4. Fun! We have a Chloe, too. She's a cat. She has no interest in writing...

  5. What a wonderful way to end the month Deb. Remember Tuesday is just around the corner.

  6. First of all, that is the most adorable photo of little Chloe. Awwww!

    Second, I think Isabelle could write a very similar letter. I'm pretty sure she'll be glad to have more mommy time.

  7. How fun is that?! I love it. In the humor are truths about how we spend our time and attention. It will be good to get back to a lighter writing schedule.

  8. So cute, once again! LOVED the part about the squirrel -- hilarious! I hope you enjoy some walks and Frisbee and playing in the yard soon. :-)

  9. Chloe, I am so sorry you didn't get to talk more, but Mom had some really good stuff to tell all the slicers. She is such a gifted writer and teacher.(She must have taught you, because you have a wonderful style.) You should be so proud of her. I know it is hard to share her, but the slicers really loved it when she'd stop by and leave a few words of encouragement. Thanks for sharing Mom and enjoy your time at the lake with your kids and BFF.

  10. Chloe, we have a squirrel too, it drives Stanley absolutely mad. I understand your pain.
    Deb, love the slice and that you spent time with all of us when you probably wanted a little extra snuggle time too. See you back on Tuesday!

  11. Max is so like Chloe - Hate those darn squirrels! Thanks for letting Chloe write again, it always fun hearing it from her perspective. I have enjoyed your slices since last year, but didn't comment at that time (Michelle chided me for that). It's been great getting to know you and Chloe. Thanks for all you comments during the month. Looking forward to the Tuesday slices!

  12. Love the picture! Love hearing from Chloe. Have you read The Art of Racing in the Rain? I'ts an amazing book told from the dog's point of view--it is hilarious and heart-warming. I've enjoyed your slices.

  13. Adorable! Chloe really ratted you out! I was thinking of The Art of Racing in the Rain, too. awesome book that I was sorry to finish. I know Chloe will be happy to have you back till Tuesday anyway!

  14. Oh Chloe, you have NO idea how lucky you are to have Deb as your mom! My dogs did not even get to write ONCE, much less THREE times! Although, I think you would have a lot of comments for each other since they are teased daily by chipmunks.

    I am sure your mom is as happy to spend more time with you as you are to spend time with her! Enjoy the lake!

  15. Oh what fun! I absolutely love Chloe at the computer! Deb, we made it yet another challenge! I've enjoyed your daily insights and writing. Thank you for all your kind words. Can't wait to hear about your trips to the lake! See you Tuesday!

  16. Oh my, Chloe, you look so very on top of things behind that laptop. I'm glad you were able to write once more, to tell 'things' from your side of the story of the March challenge. It's rather funny that you tried to teach Deb how to play frisbee better or to fetch the ball. Who knows what might happen at the lake? Perhaps she will get better. Well, I hope you'll give time to Deb to write again on Tuesday. I'm looking forward to it! I wanted to be sure to thank Deb for her continuing support for me. We've had a great year together & I'm grateful for her friendship. Please let her know!

  17. Dear Chloe,
    How did you ever convince that keyboarding-obsessed woman Deb to let you in on a slice? Thank heavens! Her brilliant slices were becoming a bit much for me.

    P.S. Please "steal" the Found poem idea on my blog :) Congrats on finishing the challenge, Deb! See you on Tuesday???

    Mandy @ The Chockboard

  18. Deb,
    I love that you wrote from Chloe's point of view! If only pets could talk!

  19. This perspective is so fun! Chloe, I do hope you enjoy time with Deb, but I'm telling you, she is a wonderful encouragement to the SOL community. Love your picture!


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