It Is What It Is

Today was State Speech. On our way at 6:30am and home at 8:00pm. The kids did well and it was a great day, but my brain is mush. This is all I can manage tonight for the 10th slice! 

No time for reading
No time for writing
Gotta herd those kids on the bus!

No time for playing
No time for snuggles
Gotta herd those kids on the bus!

The wheels on the bus go 
round and round
I herded those kids on the bus!

The kids on the bus go
yackety yak
I herded those kids on the bus!


Forgot the projector
Turn this bus around!
Run, Mrs. Day, Run
Mrs. Day don't run...

The wheels on the bus......


  1. Oh, man! Not the projector! I'm glad you noticed it before it was too late. And I'm glad you had such a good day that your brain became mush! The bed tonight will be so wonderful!

  2. There's always something, right? Darn projector!

    I am sure that in all the frantic hustle and bustle of getting there, herding kids, setting up, herding kids back, there were lots of special moments to celebrate.

    So glad you slice even when you are beat!

  3. Short, sweet & beautiful. Even mushy! I hope you all did well.

  4. Your brain is mush? I don't believe it. You have creative wheels a-spinnin' in high gear. Glad you had a great day!

  5. This is a fun poem! I totally can relate to "herding" kids back on the bus. Of course you have to turn around to get the projector...something like that is bound to happen with a bus full of kids that you are focused on!


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