Deck Day! (7/31)

Yesterday as  I walked back to my room after a quick visit to the office, I noticed it.

Fresh air. Spring. The promise of robins and grilling and spring rains and clean.  Every once in awhile I would smell it throughout the day. Was someone opening the windows? Was it wishful thinking?

I snuck home to pick up some forgotten papers during my prep period.  A half day of in-school suspension didn't seem like a bad trade off for playing hooky.  Maybe I should try it! I could
     sit out on the deck,
          play fetch with Chloe,
               plan for spring flowers and

Sounded like heaven. But, I went back to school. There were
     classes to teach,
          rehearsals and
               meetings after school.
No hooky playing for me!

The fresh smell kept dancing into my room throughout the afternoon, teasing me.

Finally, at 5 I was done for the day. I gathered up my things and headed to the car.  At least it was still light out and I made plans to take Chloe for a walk.

And, lo and behold, when I drove up our driveway there was a grill in my parking spot!  It was going to be a deck day! It didn't matter if the the deck hadn't been cleaned, if the table and chairs were dirty. Deck day meant spring had finally arrived.


  1. Glad I'm not the only one getting excited for spring, but your deck day just reminded me of all the lugging I'll have to do when I get home. All worth it though when everything is put back into it's place. It's a little bit chillier today, but I don't care my windows are wide open. Besides, what else are sweatshirts for but to keep you warm when you want some fresh air.

  2. You've just reminded me by this story that there are those steps we take in order to finally declare 'spring is coming' then 'spring is here', & finally summer. (And some are getting out the grill, cleaning the deck, the garage of all the filthy winter dirt, etc.) I like the way you moved the words so it looks like a prose poem with some poetic arrangement in the middle. I heard that 'pull' to stay & admire that you resisted & returned to work. Next time?

  3. I could smell "spring" thru my computer monitor - what a refreshing way you have of writing. By us, spring really has sprung (I'm writing about it tomorrow) and the air is so fresh. I had a "front porch" day over the weekend. Hope you get to spend more "deck" time in the coming days.

  4. "Deck day" is such a great sign of spring! For me, it was the fact that I drove home today with my sunroof open, letting that "spring smell" waft through the car! Your little poem in the middle was refreshing and fun!

  5. Hurray for DECK DAY! I can't wait!

  6. Yeah, Spring was here today, too! Sophie had such a great time chasing sticks and rolling around in the still dry grass. I'm ready for deck day, too!

  7. Well, amen! Grilling definitely means something. And so does that spring-esque smell wafting through the air right now. One other hint: driving to school when it's actually light and hearing the birds sing while walking in. Yes; it's true. We're almost there!!!! :) BTW: Love the text manipulation :). Fun!

  8. A grill in your parking spot! What a great way to ring in spring! And deck day - awesome! Such a hopeful post that we all need this time of year!

  9. Deck days are good for the soul! I love the parallel format of your fantasy and the reality that countered it.

  10. Grilling sounds so good. Sitting in the sun sounds so good. Playing hooky sounds so good. A delightful post! Longing for those spring breezes, all we have are 45 mph winds.

  11. I love how you made the weather tease you. Glad you could enjoy it throughout the day, even in little bits.

  12. Oh the smell of spring - I can't wait until it hits hear. Thank you for making me excited (and aware) for that smell to arrive. I really enjoyed the playfulness with the idea of a 1/2 day suspension.

  13. Ah, yes, the deck. Tried the deck day today but too windy. The night before a teaching day, I would sometimes say, "I'm not going tomorrow." It made me feel good for awhile and thought I could pull it off, but it was only my wishfools talking. Many more deck days ahead.

  14. Hurray for Spring! We still have ice and snow and freezing cold in the mornings, but the light in the morning and the sun during a day look promising. I like the list of the "I could" and "But." The shape of it is like a trail of thought.


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