Things I Just Don't Understand.... (17/31)

Last year on my birthday, I posted things I had learned in 54 years.  This year I thought I'd make a list of things I still don't understand after 55 years.

1. I don't understand how people can hold grudges for so long.  How can they go for years not talking to people they once loved?

2.  Mean people. Have a piece of chocolate and smile.

3. People who don't like chocolate. How can you not like chocolate.  If it doesn't contain chocolate, it's not candy.

4. Old People. And I don't mean people over a certain age. I mean those who act old,  people who don't have any fun in their life.  Grow little for heavens sake!  Sing in the car.  Watch Sponge-Bob.  Play with kindergarteners.

5. Teachers who don't read.

6. Teachers who don't write.

7. Teachers who don't read, but "teach" reading.

8. Ditto the writing teachers.

9. Teachers who don't care about the whole child.

10. The new timeline on Facebook.

11. Voting only by party.

12. People who still don't think the President is American...or Christian.

13.  Thong underwear

14. Lounge lizards--you know who they are. Always sitting and complaining in the lounge, but never a concrete idea to improve school.

15. Lot lizards--the kids who sit in their cars in the parking lot in front of school and do the same thing with the same result.

16. How a 15-seed can beat a 2-seed (my bracket's busted!)

17.  Why it isn't this nice every year on my birthday!

18. How you can drop some people in the middle of nowhere and they can find their way home and other people get lost going around the block.

19. Standardized tests.

20. Why schools and governments want to punish EVERYONE when only a few people break a rule or the law....

21. Not having time to read.

22. How some teacher/bloggers get so much read (but I'm glad they do!  Makes life and buying books much easier for me!)

23. People who don't do anything outside of their 8 hours, but say they don't have time for a committee.

24. People who are ALWAYS late.

25.  How I got to be 55!!!!!!!!


  1. Oh, I love your list, and I totally agree with it, but especially about the chocolate! Happy birthday!

  2. Great List and all good points. I'm partial to the one on chocolate, but I totally agree with People who are always LATE! One of my pet peeves. Have a very happy birthday!

  3. Happy, happy birthday, on St Patrick's Day no less! I love the list, every single one, and I know about no. 16 because I'm a Mizzou alum. We were absolutely disgusted. The others I agree with most are about the teaching, the ones who teach reading & writing but don't do it themselves. They, & their students are missing out in a very big way. Thanks for all the thoughtfulness in your list, Deb. Have a wonderful day!

  4. You say it so well! Your items really resonated with me, especially #13, 16, and 20. Don't even get me started on teachers who don't read or write. (Yes, I know I didn't write when I was teaching, but I really only taught reading.) Your posts are always a joy to read!

  5. Happy Birthday! I love the creative thought in your list and I defintely can hear your voice. Always a pleasure to read your posts. Enjoy your day!

  6. What a great list. I love numbers 2 and 13 the best. You did a great job. LOVE IT!!!! Happy Birthday!

  7. Happy birthday to you! What a great list. My son is having the same difficulty understanding how a number 15 seed can beat a number 2 seed. He's cried all weekend about his brackets. I have no answers for the items you have chosen because I don't understand them either. How can you not like chocolate? I mean really. I am lucky to teach in a school without any lounge lizards. I know, a gift in itself. Enjoy your day.


  8. I was giggling so much in response to your slice that I had to read it aloud to my husband per his request. Thong underwear! I am so with you. And that timeline on Facebook--whose brain is organized that way? Your observations, as always, are dead-on. Happy 55th year to you!

  9. A happy belated birthday to you, Deb. I'm glad the day was so beautiful! I agree with everyone else that your list is so true. I especially like the one on chocolate and thong underwear as well! Thanks for making me nod and smile this morning!

  10. Happy Birthday! 55 and going young.
    (I admit no 16 was foreign language for me)

  11. I love the variety of topics in your list -- some whimsical and fun, others serious and powerful. I especially love #4, and my parents would agree with you. They are a few years older than you, but nobody would ever know (people can't believe they're even 50) because they are so active and love to have fun! I'm sure you are the same way.

  12. Happy Belated birthday Deb!! This is a great list following up your list from last year. I agree that I don't understand a lot the things on your list, especially #5-8!

  13. What a fun little list. HAPPY BIRTHDAY. I hope it was a good one.

  14. I love the "grow little" comment! Very funny and oh so true! Thanks for sharing your list! It gave me some things to think about...

  15. Happy Belated birthday! Item 13 nearly made me snort coffee this morning! I hope you're still celebrating!


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