Follow-Ups: Novels, Author-To-Be, and Inservice (15/31)

Today's post is in three parts.

Part 1: Young Adult Novel Unit.
My freshmen finished reading their novels yesterday.  Really. They finished.  And all but maybe two liked the books they chose. Really. Liked a book. Liked reading.

And the kicker is. THEY WANT TO DO IT AGAIN.  As they turned in their activities yesterday, I handed them a small square of paper.  I told them I wanted them to write me a note about this unit.  They were to be totally honest. I just wanted to know if they really liked the unit. If they thought I should do it again next year. What they thought about the timing and the activities. They could tell me anything they wanted to.

Only one student didn't like the unit. One out of forty. And I think her biggest problem was she didn't like the book she chose.

I may do it again before school is out. Maybe after Romeo and Juliet....

Part 2: My Author-To-Be
If you've ever wondered about the expression "Over the moon", I have the perfect example today--my author-to-be. She's dancing and giggling around school today because the book her poem was published in arrived in the mail! I'm sure she has shown every teacher at the school and most of the students.  I put congratulations in the morning announcements, just in case she forgot anybody.

Part 3:  What Teacher's Do at Inservice

Yesterday was inservice.  Our students let out at 12:15, but we don't have anything scheduled until 1:00.  Usually, most of us spend that time working in our rooms. But the last couple, our new principal and the Building Leadership Team have planned little activities for us.  Yesterday, being Pi Day, one of our math teachers brought pie (after another one got pie in the face! Fundraising at it's best!). So of course, we ate!

And, if you felt the need to work the pie off--or the stress of the week--there was badmiton set up in the gym. Not nearly as many people opted for the badmiton!

I'm hoping for "rolly" chair races next time!


  1. So glad to hear about your lit group & how much the kids enjoyed it. I was pulling books today from a teacher's library in order to match the students with some choices. The teacher & I are planning a group with everyone reading different books, leaning in towards focus on "what are we missing when we read?" We'll try different ways to get the students to really look at what they're reading. Anyway I know it's different ages, but you've inspired me & this teacher to do this everyone is reading different books thing. (I've done it before but he has not). You PI day started your afternoon off very well indeed. We ate pie too. I will not turn down a piece! Thanks Deb.

  2. Wow, I wish we got to do something fun like eat pie or play badminton on our inservice days! I'm so jealous! :-) I'm also so glad to hear that your kids loved the YA novel unit -- I know how rewarding it is to survey kids and find out that their real opinions match your hopes! Great job getting them excited about reading!

  3. Sounds like a great day all around -- I loved the scene of the poet dancing around. That's great!

  4. Your teacher lounge looks so inviting. I feel like joining you all for a piece of pie and a chat. I'm so glad that your novel unit was well received by your students. Choice is powerful!

  5. I would be in on those chair races, love gettin' goofy with my colleagues on a day the students are gone. It's good to laugh and share pie!

  6. This post is like chatting over coffee... Chloe is invited of course!

  7. Yeah, yeah and yeah! So glad the novel unit was a hit - I think choice matters. Congrats to your poet! And I'm voting for the rolly chair races with pictures!! What a fun way to start your inservice.

  8. I love updates, now I can imagine more of your life. What kind of pie was it?

  9. So your students were close on their predictions of inservice day? **wink wink**

  10. That great that the kids were interested in the books they read in the novel unit. A student being published.... that is

  11. I'm so excited for your student who was published!!! :)

  12. The pie eating and badminton pictures are just to cover up the other activities described in your March 13 slice, right? Part 1 and part 2 of your slice deserve a happy dance.

  13. Rolly chair races - that would be fun! Congrats to you and your students. What a wonderful experience in reading. How exciting for your young writer. I could visualize her sharing the book.

  14. Love it! And when those rolly chair races happen I want pictures!


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