My Husband, the Shopper

My husband is a shopper.  Not my kind of shopping...the leisurely stroll through stores just to see what's new and what you might need that you didn't know you needed.  No, my husband is a comparison shopper.  Not that it's a bad thing. We He seldom makes a bad purchase.  We get the best buy for our money. It's just a very long drawn out process. I have been known to go sit in the car and read while he shops. Once I brought our portable TV and watched basketball while he shopped at Menards. The only thing that could get our sons to come along on a shopping trip was the promise of eating at Old Country Buffet!  Even grocery shopping takes forever.  The grandkids are the only ones who will voluntarily go to the store with him.


It starts with Consumer Reports magazine. Years and years of Consumer Reports magazine. Really. I try to recycle them and he digs them out. And, yes, we both know that they put out a little booklet of the highlights every year, but, according to my husband, the reports are not as complete as the magazine articles. Anyway, lots of research goes into the buying of anything (Did you know that Consumer Reports rates wine. Yup, they do. Happily, my favorite Merlot is a Consumer Reports best buy).

The next step involves checking out the necessary item in the stores---every store that sells said item. We check the price, the warranty, the delivery, how it looks, if the salesmen know more about the item than my husband (few do). For a few years I went along with him as he checked things out. I soon learned I am not made for that serious kind of shopping. Cars are the worst--oh, and TVs---oops forgot about washers and dryers, and stoves, and the counter tops (still have my old crappy one because he has a certain design in his head and can't find it). Let's face it. It's all bad to shop for.

Eventually, I learned to send him on his own to do the initial comparisons.

I learned this after shopping for cars at every car lot in a 10 country radius--and another state. I won't bore you with the details, but let's just say I really only care about the color and the stereo.  

Now I tell him, "When you have it narrowed down to three, let me know. I'll come along."

We are both much happier with this arrangement.


  1. It kind of reminds me of planning a wedding. Woman narrows choices and allows man to give input at that point. You captured Husband very well.

  2. Oh Deb, I live in this world too. You are not alone. Trashing Consumer Reports would be a heinous crime in our house. He has them squirrel away somewhere. I have no idea, he disappears and reappears with the issue needed. As far as cars, just show me the one you like, I will like it. Said and done. We need to go leisurely, I didn't know I needed that shopping and leave the men to CR. You must have been that fly on the wall in our house. Too funny!

  3. Wow, I can't believe how your husband sounds like mine. He does the very same thing. I never thought of telling him to wait until he narrows it down to three. That's a great idea! You just taught me something. I'd be happier too. I'm not sure about him, but maybe. Thanks for sharing. Happy Slicing! :)

  4. I had a friend like that, & she kind of drove me crazy with it, but if your husband doesn't have to have you along, that's great. Then you can enjoy the good savings and the product with little fuss. A fun description Deb. Obviously you know just how to handle it, & your husband must too.

  5. This could be my husband....I like your idea of narrowing things down to three. Although the Internet has made things a bit easier.

    1. Ye[--he loves Amazon and the reviews! I forgot to put that in!

  6. Deb, it could be totally opposite and he could do Impulse buying (which would be worse). I'm glad that you've come to a compromise - let him do the research and you reap the benefits - sounds like a fair deal to me!

  7. If my mother read this slice, she would think your husband is wonderful--she too is a companion shopper. I will admit that I have had her check things out for me though...

  8. Ditto for couch shopping? My husband did some running around before we actually went together. Car shopping is the ABSOLUTE worst! But, just like your husband, mine does do his research too. Can't complain, but do I really care about all the details? Nope. Does it do what it's supposed to do? Yup. Perfect let's get it. :) Thanks for sharing the insights! I now have advice for my husband: Narrow it done to three!

  9. In our house, whoever cares the most about a particular something is the one to do the research, and the other one goes along with it. So, like you, we've worked out a method that works for us.

  10. I laughed so hard at this one. Lines like: "The grandkids are the only ones who will voluntarily go to the store with him" had me in stitches. Honestly, I so admire the way you can use a conversational tone in your writing and make the reader laugh like there's no tomorrow.

  11. Your husband is highly skilled; not just anyone could suck the fun out of shopping like that :) I love the Menard's story.

    I wonder if I already sliced about my husband at the grocery store. That is the only place I fear our marriage could end in divorce. He just doesn't get how to grocery shop MY WAY!

    I love this story!


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