Light at the End of the Tunnel (30/31)

It hit me week at this time, I will be at the lake. Opening day.

There are 34 more school days left.

Speech Banquet

3 more speeches

Romeo  and Juliet

3 more writing pieces

Semester projects.


I'm not sure where this school year has gone, but wherever it went, it raced right by. It didn't see hello, good-bye, see you soon. Nothing.  Just came and went without so much as howdy do.

Well, it seems that way.

But in reality, there were many great moments.

Back in September, I wasn't sure I would ever bond with my freshmen. Today, I will be sorry to see most of them go and am looking forward to having them in speech next year.  They hated to read at the beginning of the year. In May, we will have our second novel unit--at their request.

We had a great Contest Speech season--two All-State teams and many, many one ratings.

My speech classes got better each and every speech. And this year, no one failed because they didn't do the required speeches.

Beautiful pieces were written in all my Creative Writing classes...even by kids who would rather take Drawing and Design.

And I survived my first observation in years and my teaching portfolio is DONE!  And that's the real celebration of this piece.


  1. Yes, the year has flown by quickly and spring has come so early too. Enjoy your time at the lake - rest, relax, write, read and come back refreshed. You've accomplished a lot this year!

  2. A beautiful year it sounds! I remember all your excitement about the lake last year-WOW, another year has flown. We do just zoom down to the end from now on, don't we Deb. I hope you're so proud of all your accomplishments-Hip Hip Hooray!

  3. I can't believe 34 days of school left. You are right, it did fly by and I'm exhausted. You have so much to be proud of your students. You got to them. That's what matters the most.

  4. I'm glad you're seeing the light at the end of the tunnel - I always feel like the light is a train!! :) I think next year I will take better notes of the great events in my classroom so I can feel less stressed at this time of year. I have to remember how far we've come, just like your speech and creative writing students!

  5. I have 49 days left! Even if it is more that 34, it still feels like the end is coming too soon. I have had students this year who have written their first essays, read a book first time in their lives, learned new vocabulary and are enjoying reading Romeo and Juliet. Cheers for a great year!

  6. A neat reflection! I enjoyed hearing about how far you've come with your freshman especially! Congrats on the teaching portfolio & observation! :-)

  7. One day I will share this feeling, right? Our spring break starts a week from today too. Maybe it will hit me by the time I get there.

    The honesty of your slice really reveals how much you enjoy time off AND how much you enjoy time ON.

  8. You deserve to have some down time after the hectic pace you've had the last couple of weeks (and the rest of the school year too)! Enjoy your last 34 days and your time at the lake next week!

  9. I agree. Time has flown. Your students have grown - how exciting. Enjoy your time at the lake.


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