My freshmen hate to read. Really. Hate. To. Read.

Books suck. Books are boring. Books are a waste of time.
They feel the same way about writing, but that's another post

So, I did what any book loving nerd would do. I ordered great new books. Pulled great old books off the shelf and started a young adult novel unit. I, of course, was met with groans.

"What? I have to read this is 15 days!  I'll never finish it by then." This student had proudly proclaimed they had never read an entire book.

"I hate to read." Yea, 'cause I didn't get that from all the whining you have done every time I tell you to pull out a book.

"Do you have anything short?"

"Do we have to read again today?" Yep. Every day for fifteen days.


Slowly. Ever so slowly. The voices are changing their tune.

"Do we get to read today?" What?

"Hey. That book looks good. What's it about?" You're talking about books?????

"Can I read that book when she's done with it?"

"Are we going to do this again?"  Really? You want to read another book?

Could it be I'll make readers out of them yet?


  1. The allure of a good book can not be overestimated! Well done book charmer!

  2. You book whisperer you! Maybe the tide has turned and they will ride the wave and learn the power of a good book. You are such an inspiration, your posts always leave me in awe. Thanks for being here and sharing.

  3. The transition from "do we have to read again today" to "do we get to read" is wonderful, Deb. You'll catch them yet!

  4. Love it! Never underestimate the power of a teacher with an arsenal of good books! WOOT!

  5. You do such an excellent job with/for your students! Just dangle that carrot or plant that seed and it will develop. I think my love of reading must have rubbed off on Michelle - look at her now!!! Love your slices - thanks for sharing.

  6. Your title is certainly appropriate! We are all celebrating with you and your accomplishment. Awesome :)

  7. I am so glad that I get to experience being swept up in the energy of your classroom through your words. I think I am a sort of a vampire who feeds on turning non-readers into readers. There is little in the world that is more rewarding than that. Hooray! I celebrate with you!

  8. No doubt in my mind those kids will be readers! It must give you a little zing every time you hear them wanting to read.

  9. If anyone can turn them into readers, it will be you, Deb. Doing a happy dance for them and for you! :)

  10. YES! Celebrate and celebrate and celebrate. And . . . cheers to you for staying the course despite the whining. They're already thanking you . . . kinda.

  11. Yes you can. The power of a good book is undeniable.

  12. First, as a high school teacher I want to tell you how much I respect you for teaching freshmen. Second, you give us secondary teachers hope that our efforts will produce the results we dream of.

  13. LOVE IT! I love when I get the opportunity to put a good book in a reluctant readers hands. And then to have them enjoy it. What a treat. It sounds like your students are in good hands. I am postive that you'll make readers out of them. You already have.

  14. What a great read. If anyone can inspire them to read I believe it is you. Soon they will be begging for new books. One of our HS techers has a reading club after school my great niece adores her teacher.

    I am sure your tstudents adore you in the same way. Because you give them wings.

  15. Oh my gosh. I lot this post. Wish my sons would have encountered one teacher in high school that cared whether they liked to read, or that shared a Young Adult novel. Can't tell you how many "classics" I have dragged them through…


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