Write, Its Good For You

The inspiration just hasn't been there the last few days. Maybe it was the excitement of the new grandchild; maybe it was being at the lake and just having too many things to do; maybe I just wasn't paying attention...although you'd think with the new baby and the lake I would have plenty to write about!

Extreme weatherphoto © 2010 Kevin Dooley | more info (via: Wylio)
Part of this lack of inspiration is the gloomy, rainy weather we are having. Gray--just gray--that's all that seems to be around me!  I crave the sun, the warmth, the colors.

Another lack of inspiration factor is school. Mentally tired, I need my summer. I would like to think about next school year, but the powers that be are slow on decision making process. I know I will be teaching speech next year--I'm the only one qualified. But what other classes will I have. If there is something new thrown at me, I sure would  like the summer to prepare!

But, write I must. I tell my Creative Writing students to just write whatever is in their heads when they can't think of anything to write about.  Two Writing Teachers says "Write. It's Good For You."  There are a lot of friends who read my blog now. I feel responsible to them. So I write, for what its worth...

But I still don't feel very inspired.


  1. The clouds must hang heavy--great that you showed the picture. It is hard to be inspired at the end of things, even when the 'end' is a new baby. Anticipation seems more exciting in some way. But I liked the way you started and gave the details, and that you connected to school and your readers. It's a nice summary of your mood! Hope that grandbaby is doing great!

  2. I love the power of three! Even though you weren't so-called inspired, I think you did a wonderful job writing! Writing is good for you and it does help us in all the times of life. Congrats on the new baby! Thanks for sharing! Happy slicing! :)(Secretly, I felt a little this way yesterday myself!)

  3. I also felt this way for the past few days. I think it is the dumb weather and the end of school business. Thanks for reminding me it's good for me!

  4. Deb,
    As you already know...I feel your pain, or at least the lack of inspiration. And as you have told me over and over (which I am thankful that you have) -- just write. It's something and you were still able to connect with several readers! Thanks for sharing your thoughts.


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