Passing on the "Spirit of the Lake"

One of the happiest reasons we have for our lake place is the grandkids.   But for my youngest son's children, it really is a place they have grown up at. K was about 4 1/2 months and T was a newborn when they started coming to the lake.

K is a true lake kid. Last year, on one of the coldest weekends of the spring, she came out with her dad. Now you would think this little girly girl would want to stay inside where it was warm and cozy and play with her Polly Pockets. And she would...for awhile.

But then she would look up at me with great big brown puppy dog eyes and say, "Gramma, let's go for  walk."  So we'd bundle up and off we'd go. Sometimes the others would join us, sometimes not. The bench on the dock was her favorite destination. Every walk ended up there, us sitting on the bench, the wind whipping around us (even the birds found it hard to fly), waves splashing, and she loved every minute of it.

T is becoming his own version of a Sandbar kid and he too has to be outside at all times.  He loves to dig in the sand, throw rocks off the bridge and swing on the swings. He has learned from his sister that a walk around the resort is almost as good as Halloween. If you smile really cute and say please, almost everyone has a treat to share. His first words to me at Christmas were, "Gramma, when are we going to the lake?"  I can hardly wait to see him Friday and have him ask me the question, so I can see his face light up when I answer, "Tomorrow!"

My oldest son's twins are learning the joys of the lake as well, although they don't have as much experience with it. Now that Grandma and Grandpa have a bigger place, I'm hoping their mom and dad find more time to bring them up as well. And as for the new babies in the family--I know they will be Sandbar kids as well....just give them time.


  1. It's so good to hear the details, (the wind whipping, sitting at the bench, I imagine just 'being') & this part about even the little ones asking to be outside, to be 'at' the lake shore, is wonderful. I love the idea of the sandbar kids.

  2. Oh, you must get a picture with camera AND words when you tell him "tomorrow". I am so excited for them and you!

  3. I am a "lake kid" myself. Your words build a beautiful image of what that means!

  4. Great descriptions. Trips to the lake form such wonderful memories. My kids and I have some too. It's also very relaxing to laze around the lake. Enjoy


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