Pajama Day

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Imagine yourself at the kitchen table, in your pajamas. Imagine one person you’d allow to see you that way, and write in the voice you’d use to that friend.

— Sandra Cisneros
This is today's quote on Two Writing Teachers and I  laughed out loud as I read it. My lake friends  know that there is nothing I like better in the summer than a pajama day! I declare them periodically throughout the summer. Those are the days I just like to do nothing, and I am pretty good at nothing!
Sunday mornings often find me walking to the south end of the resort (in my pjs) to enjoy a visit with our friend Robin. I usually find her in her pjs, sipping coffee on her deck. The two of us sit many Sunday  mornings just visiting about nothing and watching what little activity is taking place on her end of the resort. Conversations about books, golf, wondering what the "poor" people are doing, and yesterday's activities come up and are dropped. We are lazy and we don't apologize for it. Other people drop by (although not usually in their pjs). The question "Should we golf today?" almost always comes up. Sometimes the answer is yes, sometimes its no. The beauty of Sundays at the lake is that you can do what you want--no pressure.

I am ready for the lake--who am I kidding--I am MORE than ready for the lake.  Knowing that my last weekends of the school year will be spent at the trailer greatly improves my mood.  It's much more pleasant doing school work watching the waves roll onto the beach than sitting in my living room watching TV.

And as we pack up to leave on Sundays, I will ask my husband one important question, "Are we stopping anywhere on the way home?" Because if we driving straight home, I can wear my pjs!

Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go pack my lake box--and make sure my pjs are in it!
Here's to lake time!


  1. What a great post. You've made me envious because I'm usually out & about 'out' of my pj's, already doing errands or something. Your ease of writing shows how much this is a pleasure. Hope the weather is suiting your pj's too!

  2. My pj days are in the house usually. I don't stray too far. Being out here in the wilds, I'm in my pj's on the lawn with the dog...hate when the UPS guy shows up though! You write well about your enjoyment of lake time! It's good that you get to have that special time. I bet it's good for your writing too!


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