Grand Funk--not Railroad

I can't seem to shake it, this funk I am in. I didn't even blog yesterday because I couldn't think of anything cheerful/uplifting/soul-satisfying to write about.  I tried to write about getting ready for the lake and even that didn't cheer me up.  What is going on?  Really, I am usually a very upbeat person...

I'm sitting here staring at the walls trying to think of things that would make me cheerful, but all I can think of are the things that are putting me in this funk.  This is bad. Usually, I can put things away in a little compartment in my brain that I save for the disappointing, the anger inducing, the ridiculous., especially those things that I can't do anything about.

 But not today. Today I want to pull them all out of their slumber....

Today I want to dwell on them. Roast them over a fire. Have screaming matches with them. Reduce them to a pile of dirt.  Today I want to reduce the powerful to whimpering puppies while I show them how it is supposed to be done.

Bullies--WATCH OUT in the hallways. I want to treat you like I see you treat others. I want to make you cry.  I want you to feel the pain I know others are feeling.

But, I won't because that is not the person I am.

So I will paste a fake smile on my face, be overly nice to the ridiculous people I meet, and do my job. Because I am a professional. Because what I do and say does make a difference. Because I will not sink into the abyss.

I do feel better after my rant.  Find some sunshine in your weekend


  1. This was passionate. Especially the part about roasting and screaming.

  2. I'm over it now--the rant actually helped--as did the joy writing in the next post

  3. Did she steal that from you-"find some shine..." or vice versa? Love both your blogs they make me smile. The also remind me of my days at the junior high! Smiles Heather

  4. I see from your comment the mood didn't last too long. Thank goodness. Isn't awful when you get in these funks? Writing about it usually helps me too.


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