The Sweet Breezes of Spring

Spring has finally arrived in northeast Iowa.

The trees dance in the gentle breezes of this April Day.

Sunshine warms the earth and urges the flowers and grass to reach to the heavens.  The buds on the trees seem ready to burst open at any minute.

The promise of summer hangs in the air.


  1. Yes, I know this spring of which you speak! I am in northern-most Maine today and we are about to get dumped on by 6 inches of snow and ice. Ahhh, spring!

  2. Thinking positive! Summer will be here soon . . .

  3. You've finally done it-hit the heights of irony. So funny, & a little sad! I am hopeful for you.

  4. Thanks--it is supposed to reach 60 degrees here soon. So the snow shouldn't last too long. It sure was a mess yesterday, though


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