Sunday, April 10, 2011


It's getting closer...I can feel it in my bones...  I am readying lesson plans a few weeks in advance.
Wii Golf is becoming my favorite form of entertainment. I am throwing extra groceries in the cart: An extra can of coffee, seasonings I know I have in the cupboard at home, a bottle of shampoo, an extra deodorant.


It's lake time!  Next Friday we will head west and FINALLY open our lake trailer!

I have difficulty putting into words just what the lake has meant to me. My dad took my sisters and I there every summer on vacation--plus there were lots of weekend visits to friends who lived there.  My grandfather bought a little trailer there for a couple of summers when my oldest son was just two.

And now, my husband and I have our own trailer on the's become a place of soul-soothing, family get togethers and friends.

So forgive my indulgence this week as I write about lake memories....


  1. We used to live on a lake before we moved to Colorado. I miss it still. I am 'anticipating' your terrific stories!

  2. I look forward to lake memories from you! I'm sure you will find that wonderful words will come to you when you get there.


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