Hey, Mister! Got Any Change?

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When you are through changing, you are through.  ~Bruce Barton

I've changed many times as a teacher. Substitute, aide, part-time, full time, English, Reading.  Heck, my first year, I even taught two math classes (obviously, those who hired me did not know about my numerical deficiencies!). Last year, I taught classes in three different buildings. I've enjoyed every change I've made. I opened myself up to teaching and learning new things.

The best change I have made is my move to the high school. I taught 7th graders for 15 years. First English, then Reading. I loved it. I love junior high kids. They are silly, compassionate, smart alecks, eager to learn, and too cool for school. They still "like" school, but mostly so they can see their friends. It was hard to leave them.

Then came the day my principal asked me if I would be willing to teach a speech class at the high school. He wasn't sure what my response would be, but I said yes. After all, it was just one period a day. How bad could it be?

I fell in love with high school kids. From the drama queens and kings, to the SSB's, I knew the time to make a change had come again.  The next year I transferred to the high school and taught five classes. I still ran across the road and taught two classes of Advanced English to seventh and eighth graders, so I had the best of both worlds! 

I love the staff I work with. They are young, bright and energetic--well, most of them. Some, like me, are just bright and energetic. My friends in this building inspire me to do better, to try new things, to collaborate. I am having fun teaching again. I think and talk about my teaching more than I was. I laugh more than I thought possible. I believe my teaching has improved since I transferred. I know I have to think more about it--that has to be good!

Second semester this year I had to give up my junior high classes. It was hard--especially my 8th graders, whom I taught for a year and a half. But the advantage is I stay in one room all day--no more traveling (thanks, Roomie). I have a better connection with students here at the high school. Before this semester, I sometimes felt like I didn't really belong in either school. Now I feel like I am more "in the loop".

I guess the point of this post is that change is a good thing. It keeps you from getting stagnant. What will next year bring? Who knows.  Maybe nothing will change, maybe there will be a big change. All I can say is, "Bring it on!"


  1. I believe you are so right, & it seems that you are being supported in your decisions, which makes it even better. I know I would love to do what you are doing, & think it's great that you feel so successful and empowered. I love those middle school kids, & now am working with teachers, a different kind of energy, and challenge. You continue to tell a great story, Deb! (Love the pic connection, too!)

  2. Change is good. I went from first to 6th at a newly configured middle school and loved every (I think) minute of it. But then I liked every minute of first, second and third grade and my stint as technology teacher. Keep up the energy and the writing!


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