Tuesday, April 19, 2011

It's All About the Chocolate

bowl of pleasurephoto © 2005 inajeep | more info (via: Wylio)
The wind whips through our hair as we carry miscellaneous items to the new trailer.  But we don't mind. We're at the lake! Our walks around the resort are always good times for K and I to visit. I love finding out what is on her mind.

K: I'm going to miss Grandma Pat this summer  (that's my mom, who's trailer we bought)
Me:  Me too, but she'll come up and visit, so you will get to see her.
K: I remember she always had chocolate for me when I had a craving (yes, at six she really used the word craving. Last summer Grandma Pat explained chocolate cravings to her).
Me: Does this mean I should have chocolate at the trailer?
K: Uh huh...in the bowl that Grandma Pat had.

Traditions...some you just don't break!


  1. Joy is the best word I can use to describe your posts relating to time at the lake. Special times with loved ones at a loved location, there's a tradition you don't break.

  2. Isn't that the truth! You can't break traditions, especially ones that involve chocolate. My husband has a christmas tree that his Grandmother always filled with peanut M&M's. She isn't here to carry on the tradition any longer...but he carries it on for her.

  3. For a long time I carried "Good & Plenties" and jelly beans in a sandwich baggie to church for my nieces after Nannie (my mom) passed away. She always carried them in her purse, just in case!
    I love how kids pick up words at a young age and can use them so appropriately! Sweet post, literally!

  4. What a memorable post, continuing the beauty of being at your lake! I like the way you told it through the dialog. But also, people seem to remember other similar traditions. My father-in-law always had peppermints, a great bag in his truck, to hand out to many who wished for a sweet, including the grandchildren.

  5. Deb,

    What a lovely way to start the piece, describing your windblown hair. The carefree spirit you capture creates a sense of timelessness. Thank you for sharing this lovely story. It reminds me how significant the small things can be.


  6. Thanks ladies. I knew as soon as it happened that this would be my post for Tuesday. I liked being able to capture the moment in the dialogue.

  7. A powerful, evocative piece! It is rich with images, even in its simplicity. I especially love when moments like this are captured. I imagine your granddaughter coming across this slice years from now. You have captured a glimpse of who she is for her future self.


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