Friday, April 1, 2011

Blogging is Contagious

For me, this journey started in January with an invite to the Edublogs Teacher Challenge.  "A blog," I thought. That might be the ticket. I needed something new to do, something creative, something fun. It's January after all.

So, I went through all the challenges. In the process, I found Two Writing Teachers. Holy Cow!  I fell in love with the web site and the blog. Especially the blog. And Slice of Life Tuesdays--WOW. There were some great writers out there. The first week, I just read...and read...and read. The next week, I wrote a piece and linked it to the site.  Then I saw the post for the March challenge. Could I do it?

I decided to give it a shot. What did I have to lose anyway? I had written in journals and things for years, but always ended up abandoning them. Would this be different?  I decided I needed a new blog, just for me. A place where I could write, just for me.  And with that thought, Coffee With Chloe was born.

That first post was scary.  Would anyone even read it?

People did. I couldn't believe the nice comments I received. Just the boost of confidence I needed. So, thank-you to Michelle, twowritingteachers, Lynelle, Diana and Storykeeper for those first comments. They propelled me to write the next morning.

The journey continued throughout the month. The amount of talent I found while reading other's blogs astounded me. At times I felt inadequate, but continued writing. As I constantly tell me students, you can't get better at anything if you don't practice. I kept practicing.

Pressing the buttons to post to Facebook and Twitter scared me half to death. By then I was used to the TWT community. I felt safe there. But sharing with people who really knew me????  How would that go? At first it was quiet. I didn't think anyone clicked the link and read. There were no comments. But then the comments began to appear on Facebook. Friends began to tell me they read my post that morning. I began to have followers!

Every step. Every comment. Every follower.  Every one of those things gave me the courage to write. I had an audience.

Here we are at the end of March and I can't imagine not blogging. Others have started because of my enthusiasm. My roomie and my youngest son have both started blogs, and though I am a bit prejudiced, I think they are wonderful! I have three creative writing students now writing blogs and they love it. Several others are thinking about it. The others like to post and comment on my other blog.

Blogging is contagious....

And, so I end the month as I started. With Chloe waiting for me to finish typing, so she can sit in my lap while I drink my morning coffee before I head out the door.  It's been a great month. I have learned from each and every one who participated in the challenge. I can't wait until next year.

Until then, I'll read you on Tuesday!


  1. It's been a fun month. Looking forward to Tuesday!

  2. Looking forward to more, Deb. I'm still waiting to hear about your bookstore!

  3. It has been an amazing month that went too quickly. This post resonated with me..I felt very similar feelings when I started my SOL this year. Looking forward to joining everyone for Tuesday's SOL. See you there!

  4. Got sidetracked there for a moment at your "other blog." (who am I kidding, it was way more than a moment...) Anyway, I am glad so many people encouraged you to keep writing, so that by the time I encountered you, you were still here! I heart Coffee with Chloe.

  5. I am so glad that you did it too! I've truly enjoyed reading and sharing in your life with coffee and Chloe (who is just too cute by the way!) I still remember your first post too - about that adorable puppy who took you down, but saved a few puppy kisses.
    It's been great sharing slices every day with you and I hope it continues!

  6. Lovely reflection. I've enjoyed getting to know you through your slices and am happy to know you'll be joining throughout the rest of the year.
    Happy writing,

  7. I'm glad you were here too. I want to be courageous about publishing to facebook like you.

  8. You're braver than me--on facebook and Twitter! It was great being a part of a writing group that was so supportive. Being with other teachers who write are one great group of people.

  9. You are a wonderful writer. Trust the process and yourself.

  10. It has been an amazing month! Do you think you are the same person now that you were before? I hope I can inspire others the way that you have. I've enjoyed your posts very much and I'm looking forward to reading more. See you on Tuesdays!

  11. Blogging is very contagious as is reading and finding blogs. Addictive. Completely. I hope you stick with it. It's fun but at times it can be trying. Just remember who you are blogging for - yourself.