Sunday, March 8, 2015

{#sol15} 8/31 Chloe Writes: Out My Window
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So, Mom wrote a poem the other day about the view out her window. I thought since she's sick with a cold today and doesn't feel like writing, I'd let you in on the view out of my window.

The view I get every single day.

Every single day while they go off and get to do fun things and leave me home alone.

Every single day.

This is my favorite spot to lay during the day.  From here, I can protect my yard and my house from those pesky squirrels and neighborhood cats. It really makes me mad when I growl and bark and they don't even move. Sure wish I could open the door and go get 'em.

I can also see the mailman blocks away. I start growling and barking as soon as I see him, 'cuz I don't like him and I don't want him coming anywhere near my house.

I really like to watch the neighbor's house. They have two dogs that I wish I could be friends with and LOTS of little kids are there every day. Mom says our neighbor is a day care lady and that's why they have so many kids. Sometimes, I try to run over there if I am outside, but Mom says I scare the little kids so I hafta stay in our yard.

Mom and Dad call me Gladys sometimes. I don't really get that. My name is Chloe.  But they think it's funny and laugh a lot when I am looking out the window and trying to get someone's attention.

But my favorite thing to watch out my window is for Mom and Dad to come home.  That's the best part of my day...


  1. Been thinking about your blog. Good to hear from Chloe and see her, too. Hope you feel better. Good to have a co-pilot. I need to get on the writing circuit again.

  2. Chloe, tell Deb I laughed at the Gladys reference (not many people get it these days). You are a great watch dog. They need to appreciate the work you do every day.

  3. Snug and his dad really enjoyed your post, Chloe. Puck is off with his ball and will have to hear about your view later. Snug says you're lucky that you don't have Ace roaming in your yard or those annoying cats from next door crapping in your flower beds. Snug also thinks you're the perfect color, white, like him. Chloe, tell Deb I want to hear about state speech, and tell her to get well soon.

  4. Chloe, so sorry your Mom isn't feel well, but I'm glad that you wrote today. You are such a hard working dog watching all the comings and goings in your neighborhood. I'm sure it must be time for a nap.

  5. I'm with you with a cold/sinus thing. I love how Chloe is like Gladys at the window--too funny. Her curly hair is just adorable. My Daisy admires her writing acumen!

  6. This is one of my favorite posts of yours, Deb - and that bit about Gladys, well that was too funny!

  7. This is one of my favorite posts of yours, Deb - and that bit about Gladys, well that was too funny!

  8. The sights out the window were fun, but I love the beginning and ending the most! The repetition of "every single day" and then the sweet moment at the end -- so nice! :-)

  9. So cute! I love the take on a new perspective!

  10. Such a great perspective! I enjoyed reading this slice - very unique.

  11. Chloe, I hope Deb is feeling better. I am glad you are watching the house. They must feel safe when you are there.