Friday, March 13, 2015

{#sol15} 13/31 Checking My List
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I am crazed.
I race around my room like a chicken with its head cut off.
Are the ballots ready to go?
Crate packed.
Don't forget the adaptors,
      the extension cord,
           the projector,
                the clicker.
Remember to take yearbook pics.
Email A's mom with schedule.

And, oh, yea. Rehearse the kids!

But I needn't worry. I step out into the hall and breathe as I look around. It is my favorite night of speech, really. The night before contest. My juniors and seniors take charge. Everywhere I look (and in some places I can't see) kids are rehearsing with each other. It's loud and crazy.  They laugh over silly things and talk about what they hope for tomorrow. They critique smartly and make their friends try it again.

After school today this scene will be repeated. Tomorrow morning we board the bus for our last long day.

And just like that. Our season will be over.


  1. It's amazing how quickly things are over and done. Your slice reminds me that this is true for everything even if it seems like it will never end. Savor and enjoy or Endure and know you will get through it. That's what I get from this.

  2. I can feel all the excitement, the preparation, the nerves as the big event approaches. All the best and I know you're making lifelong memories with your investment in these kids.

  3. Will it ever end? Too soon it's over. Both ends of the spectrum as the season ends. All the best to your kids, do I say break a leg or just good luck?

  4. Checking a list and checking it twice. A frantic time to be sure, but what a great experience. Good luck to each of them (and you). It will soon be over and you and your students will look back and think WOW - we did it.

  5. How exciting! That frantic feeling wanting everything to go well, but then all of a sudden, it's done. Enjoy the moments. :)

  6. I miss getting to know the kids as well as you do and the coaching, but I don't miss the travel. It's brutal. That you can devote so much to your team and post a slice is impressive. Good luck to all. I'm looking forward to the results. BTW, are you an NFL team, as well? We have nine national qualifiers this year.

    1. Nope, Glenda. We are just Iowa competitors.