Tuesday, March 10, 2015

{#sol15} 10/31 First, They Eat...

First, they eat.

Several came directly from the food joints they work at, so there is LOTS of food. My room smells like a combination of A & W and Susie 

Q's. They laugh, they share, they decide who will type.

I project the computer screen onto the smart board so they call all see. 

They decide the author test should come first.

"We only have to write the first name, right?" She swears that the letter said only first names. I point out that it says to write the first name if there is more than one author.

"You did memorize the first and last name. RIGHT?" says another.

"Yes. I did"

Every time I have done this, even though they are all supposed to know the names of the authors of the books they read, ONE student takes charge and memorizes them all.

Just to be sure.

Tonight, they rock the author test. They miss one, but this is so much better than last year when they only knew six.

They move onto the questions about the books. Again, 28 questions. One for each book. They move quickly through the questions. Talking about each one.

"Oooo. I read that one!"

"Did no one read this?"

"That answer doesn't make sense."

"I think we're thinking too much about these."

14 minutes and 23 seconds later, they are done. Probably should have reviewed a few questions. They miss 10. After last year, I don't know what to think. I don't know if they will go through to the next round or not, and I tell them that. 

"Please tell us there is no way we are going through. I'll feel better if you tell us that."

I laugh. I understand the superstition.

"There is no way you are moving on."

"Thanks, Mrs. Day. See you tomorrow."

And they are gone. Leaving only the smell of french fries behind.


  1. Crossing fingers that they are moving on to next level. Is speed a factor in this? Love the snips of conversation. I had to laugh at the smell they left behind. Could have been worse.

  2. Your account of this reminded me of when I taught middle school!

  3. Your account of this reminded me of when I taught middle school!

  4. First, they eat. Nourishment is required when taking tests. Hopefully they will be back and move on.

  5. Love the way you shared with us, Deb. Sounds like conversations I know well. So great that you give this extra practice!

  6. I can hear them! Hope they do well!

  7. You have caught so much of the conversation. I wonder whether you sat with your notebook/laptop close by and recorded as if you were a secretary. Chocolate used to be my food for testing time.

    1. I did jot a few notes, Terje. But most of it just stuck in my head. They just had me chuckling through most of the test

  8. The conversation is so real. I love listening to my daughter and her friends. They fly from one idea to the next.