Little Things

It was a week of big things:  Two nights of conferences, post observation conference, and the commercial project in speech.  How was I going to focus on one little thing like Ruth challenged us to do in her post? Looking at the big things took all of my time!

But this morning as I uploaded pictures from a visit to our oldest son's last weekend, I found myself smiling--at the happy, giggling smiles of our grandkids, the proud smiles of our son as he holds his youngest, Grandpa's smiles as he plays with them all.

Can something so small
and perfect
Create such a
Large swell of feeling
Inside me?

Can those upturned corners
and sparkling eyes
Melt my heart and
Make my arms ache?

Can the giggles that escape
and grab my soul
Still be there

But those smiles weren't the only ones that I thought about:

Student smiles as they walk into my room, excited to work on the current project. They talk, they giggle, they show me what they've done.

Parents step into my room with such trepidation.  Each one wondering/worrying that I will have something bad to say. Each one hoping I will make a difference in their child's life. Each one smiling as they realize that I truly like their child--even the naughty ones--and will do my best to give them what they need, whatever that may be.

Stepping into my principal's office after conferences for a conference of my own.  My first real evaluation in an extremely long time took place last week. We were meeting for my post-observation conference. His smile and welcoming words put me at ease immediately.

A simple little thing that makes the world a better place....

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  1. Beautiful, those little things called smiles. What a great piece that wove its way from your smiles for the grandchildren, and their for you, to work and the conferences (ALL of them). I always tell the teachers that the first thing they must do is to make sure that parents know you love their child. The rest then will be good. Thanks for believing that too! Love the pic too! Makes me smile!

  2. I love that you hold those giggles in your heart long after the little moment is gone! It is also clear that you allow all kinds of smiles to make their way into your heart--not just those of your cherished grandchild.

    Congrats on a well-deserved positive "real evaluation." It always feels better to have that behind you.

    I have parent conferences this coming week and will have your words on my mind!

  3. Exactly -- smiles are often tiny but mean so much. Thanks for sharing your list.

  4. There is certainly nothing like receiving a smile, so it must be equally important to give them.
    And I think if you accompany the smile with a giggle or two, you even lower your blood pressure!
    Likewise, even a "grin and bear it" day, goes better with a fake grin pasted on, until you can acquire the genuine one!
    Loved your poem!


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