2 Songs

2 Songs

If I can only choose two songs, then I would have to choose songs that make me smile.

1. I'm Yours by Jason Mraz
2. Down At the Twist and Shout by Mary Chapin Carpenter

Both make me happy and I can sing along to both of them at the top of my lungs (not that you'd want to hear me).


  1. I love number two! And, I continue to enjoy these lists, Deb. It would be interesting to see what you might say ten years from now. Thanks for reminding me about your poem 'When I grow little'. I'll have to put it into my idea bag! And the ironing; I'd forgotten about the practice we did first. I taught my son, too!

  2. Everyone should get to sing at the top of their lungs! I like to do that in my living room and in the car. No one has to listen. Can you imagine living in an apartment house where you couldn't do that without neighbors hearing?...I don't think my neighbors can hear me anyway...

  3. I LOVE Mary Chapin Carpenter. That rocks!


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