10 Day Challenge

Reading the blog of a former student, I found that she has started this blogging challenge. I don't know where she found it, but I liked it. So here we go. 10 secrets

1. I am a terrible procrastinator. If I can put it off, I do.

2. Teaching still scares me. I'm always worried I will screw some kid up for life!

3. I love sappy movies and books that make me cry.  They don't need any literary merit what-so-ever.

4. I still love Saved By The Bell.

5. My grandkids really are the smartest and the cutest kids on the planet. Sorry for the rest of you.

6. I've read Gone With the Wind about 20 times. I used to read it every summer. I've probably seen the movie that many times also!

7. Appearances are deceiving--I'm very disorganized.

8. I am a "bleeding heart liberal". Wait--maybe that's not such a secret....

9.  If it's on sale and I have a coupon, I'll probably buy it--even if I don't really need it.

10. It's hard for me to share the inner-most me, so these secrets are really superficial.


  1. Fun idea, and although you broke the trend with # 10, I still know a bit more. I think all good teachers think #2-sad to say. Love your voice in all of this-sounds like you Deb.

  2. Oh . . . love this challenge! But why, oh why, does it have to start with 10 secrets?!? May be too challenging for me! Thanks for sharing! I'll think about trying it. :) Michelle

  3. Michelle--you don't have to share real secrets!


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