Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Thief of Dreams

Creeps in,
Stealing creativity,
Squashing ideas,
Putting out the fire.

Inadequacy screams,
Better than you have tried and failed.
Inadequacy whispers,
Just shut your door and teach.
Inadequacy writes,
What makes you think you are good enough?

The thief of dreams.


  1. You've created a poem that expresses it well. Don't we all feel inadequate at some point? I think that's what pushes us to try something new or seek out more information. The danger is letting that voice linger too long in our head, don't let it!

  2. Oh that little voice that needs quashing too too often. A friend of mind says focus on 'even' the few who are connecting for a while, and bit by bit rein in the others. Those few will help get you through. Great way to show this feeling!

  3. I love the poem you wrote which expresses how we all feel sometimes. Like Elsie said, don't let that voice linger in your head for too long.

  4. What a powerful poem! It's the balance, for me, of letting those inadequacies drive me to become better instead of letting them pulling me down. Thank you for putting this into such a powerful poem....you are so gifted at putting tough topics into words.

  5. Sometimes it is good to have the voice come and visit because it pushes you into learning and action. The ones who never have the voice visiting them are standing still. Elsie is right, you just can't let that voice linger too long. I like that you chose to express your feeling as a poem.

  6. You're right--all of you. It is pushing me into creating a better environment both at school and at home. Just need to keep focusing on the positive and what I can do.

  7. It strikes me that you have so much talent for squashing the inner voice of inadequacy for your students, yet your own little voice calls out with strength. The world is not an easy place these days, you make it easier for so many people (me included). Hope everyone's supportive words are strong enough to be heard over that little voice!

  8. Less than 50 words and you capture the big feelings rolling inside of me. How do you do that? Can I sit next to you someday and see if it will rub off on me? The title is so powerful. Thank you for sharing. Thank you thank you thank you.

  9. powerful image - thief of dreams.. now put on your "vanquish" cape and banish inadequacy to the corner!