Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Day 7

7 Wants
1. I want to end bullying in my school--heck--I want to end it everywhere, but you have to start someplace.

2. I want to win the lottery and then create a technology wonderland in my classroom. Of course, first I'd have to have more than two plug ins in my room :)

3. I want a Prius.

4. I want to go back to Vegas--I'm thinking the four days off over my birthday might be a good time.

5. I want to wake up and be a size 12.

6. I want someone to come in and redecorate my house---of course, they'd have to clean it really well also. And they'd have to convince my husband to throw away the last 50 years of his life!

7. I want to see a Broadway show ON BROADWAY.


  1. Wow! You only have two outlets in your classroom too? I guess they thought the most we'd ever need is a film projector or a filmstrip viewer...maybe a record player if we didn't have a piano.
    I want #5 a lot.

  2. If you ever figure out how to get your husband to throw things away, let me know! And I want #1 too. Wish we had the magic password for that.