Sunday, February 28, 2016


Discover. Play. Build.

It was student led conference week, district speech week, and the end of February. Chaos and Craziness reigned. And while I thought I didn't have anything to write about when I opened up my blog this morning (really, I think I was just being lazy. I am really tired this morning), when I look through my Twitter and Facebook feeds, I realized just how great of a week it was, even if I didn't remember it all.

I'm changing up Creative Writing a bit this semester because I have a student teacher starting next week (and that is a celebration!  I can't wait to work with her). So this week, we spent playing with words and stories. It's my "Making Writing Fun Again" plan.  It's silly little group writing activities that move my high schoolers to be more creative.  They had a blast!

I also graded this little gem of Expressive/Reflective writing this week. A high school senior, ending his wrestling career, wrote this. Modeled after Kobe Bryant's Dear Basketball, he said goodbye to the sport he loves.  

My speech class presented their radio broadcasts and many are among the best I've ever had presented. I love that I now have new examples to share with upcoming classes.  I'd share one of those, but unfortunately, they are housed on my school computer, which, of course, is at school today.

Yesterday was district speech competition for individual events. There were so many great moments. We're sending 17 out of 31 events on to state in two weeks. One of my students performed her own poetry piece. She wrote it in Creative Writing last semester as a blog post. Then worked on it and created a digital storytelling piece with it. She worked on it again to use for Speech this year. It's amazing. I can't share it here {yet} because it's very personal. Her moment yesterday was when she heard the judge say, "She wrote that herself? Wow!"  I'm so happy she is moving on with this piece.

Conferences went well. All but two students in my advisory group had parents come for conferences. And even though many parents say that they talk about school with their kids all the time, they come to these conferences anyway. And I believe, they all go home with a little more knowledge, a little more respect, for what their child is doing in school.

So there it is. A crazy, chaotic week full of celebration.
Today's celebration will be pajama pants, my chair and blanket, and a well-deserved nap!


  1. Hurrah that you showed up, & after this past week I'm sure you are very tired. I love your student's "thank you" poem, special for him to do, and it must come from your 'making writing fun' support, Deb. Congrats on those speech kids-marvelous every year. Love that final pic! I know conferences are hard, but mostly filled with celebration & a readiness for what happens the rest of the year-good things.

  2. I love the label of the week, Chaos and Craziness! What a week! Congrats to your speech kids! The good-bye to wrestling is a testament to your use of mentor texts. You need to check out my celebration (posted after you) because it has links to doing six word stories as a video. I think you would love it and have the knowledge base to do this. I was blown away by some of the examples shared.

  3. I noticed some of your Twitter posts yesterday from speech competition. Such enthusiasm. Glad you have today for a PJ day and nap to recover from your crazy week!