Saturday, February 13, 2016


It's been a week.
And sometimes all we can do is celebrate little MOMENTS.

I celebrate my speech kids. Large group season was a little rough for us this year. Only six kids advanced to state. I didn't have enough to warrant taking a school bus, so I drove them myself in a school van.  You know what a bunch did? Carpooled and drove themselves down to cheer on their teammates.

I celebrate kids who believe me when I say, "I am your school mom. If you have troubles, you can come to me."  It's a blog post I won't publish, but I am so thankful that a student believed me this week.

Kids knew that something was wrong on Wednesday. It might have had something to do with the fact that I kept leaving the room in tears.... but....
on Friday, a simple little gift left on my desk reminded me that I teach the best kids.

This weekend we are spending with our favorite travel companions. Fun, food, and laughter are the recipe ingredients for the weekend.

It is the little things....


  1. Looking for those bright moments in the week, can save a soul from drowning in misery. You are loved by your kids that surround you every day and those who read the words you share. Enjoy this weekend to the fullest!

  2. Mrs. Day,

    Please know that your time and talents are appreciated. Thank you for everything you do for students.


  3. Aw! The flowers were such a sweet gesture.

  4. Proud that you are that good teacher who listens, Deb. I know it matters, and to many. Wonderful Valentine gift there, and have a wonderful weekend with your friends!

  5. Fun, food and laughter... I am glad your weekend includes all three. You know it is special when a student trusts you. And it certainly warms a heart when they know to cheer you up.

  6. I'm so glad that you are able to be the "school mom" for students. Those are beautiful flowers.