Saturday, March 26, 2016

{solsc} 26/31 #sol16 Even This Week

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You've had those weeks, haven't you?
This week we've found out that my husbands twin brothers will both be having major surgery a day apart. One will have a quadruple bypass and the other will be having surgery to remove cancer on his tongue. And then we found out that one of our very best friends was told surgery wasn't possible and he has maybe a year to live.

This all sucks.  And it's hard to celebrate. 

But I will.

Because both my mom and sister (cancer survivors) received clean bills of health. We went to my hometown on Friday to visit and enjoyed the time we got to spend with everyone. We then drove north and spent time with our boys and their families. It was just the thing we needed--to laugh and love with our kids and grandkids. :)

My husband and I are both healthy. And trust me. We have been making sure of that. 

We hit fourth quarter at school, so summer is right around the corner. As much as I've enjoyed this year, summer will be welcomed.  

Even though we received 5 or 6 inches of snow, plus ice, on Thursday, it really wasn't so bad. If you have to have a late snow day, having it the day before Easter break is a good time to have it. 5 day weekend! And, it's melting pretty quickly. 

My resolution for the last five days is to write posts worth reading and not rush them before bed!  Let's hope I can do it!


  1. So sorry about all of the health issues in your family and friends. Soo very hard! Sounds like some good things are happening too. We had snow in Denver and had two snow days this week. We had to go back for Friday, though, before we started Spring Break!

  2. I'm sorry for this rotten news, Deb, yet there is hope as you celebrated those cancer free, too. But to hear it all at once must have been very tough. Wishing you a restful time these coming days, and I love that you had some good time with you kids and grandkids too.

  3. I like your resolution. My heart hurts for your family and friends w/ cancer. You have my admiration for funding many good things in life worth celebrating.

  4. This is what Ruth means by gritty celebration. Tough news, and it is going to be even harder to process as time passes. Counting what's well builds resilience. Sending good thoughts your way.

  5. We have all had those weeks - glad you took the time to slow down and feel some joy as well. Writing is always worth writing and reading. Just keep writing.

  6. Difficult news to hear, praying that the surgeries will be successful and that your friend will defy the doctors diagnosis. Hope you have an enjoyable week off and that you can relax and enjoy. Happy Easter!

  7. This is the time to be with family and hold them close and count the blessings that exist on this day at this time. So sorry for the medical news in your life.

  8. Deb, when life intersects living it is time to have faith so the family get through issues. Peace be to you and your family.