Tuesday, January 2, 2018

One Little Word

Each year I wait, and each year it happens. A word comes along that I know will guide me through the coming year. And, usually, it comes through a phrase that I use as a mantra throughout the year.

2013: Nothing Without JOY
2014: Live ALOHA
2015: Life is about BALANCE
2016: Concentrate the mind on the present MOMENT

I was playing around with words throughout December. Created a Pinterest board. Read quotes I had earlier pinned. No word, no phrase really jumped out at me.

But I was patient.

For a while, I thought my word would be enjoy. But the word never really settled in my soul. I want to enjoy my life now, the people in it, the fun things we are doing. But still, it seemed a little frivolous.

But I was patient and kept looking.

And then this meme came across my Facebook timeline:

And one word jumped out at me:  APPRECIATE

And, as always, I looked up the word:

To recognize worth, to understand situations, to enjoy, give thanks, to acknowledge, to be grateful...

These were things I wanted to bring to my life in 2018.

Oh. And I did find a quote


  1. I love reading about your process, and it is a good word to have all the year, Deb. The quote is terrific, "nothing will be the same. . ." Happy New Year!

  2. Looks like you found the perfect word. Or rather, it found you! It's so interesting to read about everyone's process to find their OLW, isn't it? So different, yet so similar. Happy new year, Deb! Wishing you much to appreciate in 2018!

  3. Great word! Love that it popped out of a meme! You never know when your word will strike! I wish you and your word a wonderful journey through 2018!

  4. Great word! Looking at life with appreciation brings lots of color and warmth to it. Have a wonderful year!

  5. Ooh, what a great word, Deb! I can't wait to see what you find to appreciate all year long! (And I loved hearing how it found you!)

  6. Happy for you that your OLW popped out at you. It's a great word and I appreciate you and all that you do. Looking forward to hearing more about your OLW.

  7. I love your process - a PINTEREST BOARD! I spend a lot of driving time playing with words and jotted a few down next to my bedside....but a PINTEREST board is SERIOUS!

  8. Fabulous word! A life spent with appreciation towards people and things is a life well-spent!

    BTW: I, too, found inspiration on social media!