Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Nothing Without Joy

I sit in the midst of my crazy family looking at the remains of 2012 and our Christmas celebration. Even though we've been picking up all day, there is always a hidden bow or scrap of wrapping paper peeking out from a corner or from under the couch. Boxes that once held Christmas magic are now forlorn, laying in a pile waiting for recycling.  We're watching bowl games, kids are running and screaming, dogs are playing and barking.

It's a joyful noise.

We are a family that enjoys being together.

And even though there have been struggles this year, even though things aren't always perfect, even though life is hard at times, there is still joy in our lives.

It's in the smile in our faces as we glimpse the youngest two standing at the window watching the dogs race with joy through the snow in the backyard. They babble in babyspeak at each other and giggle at the dogs.

It rings out in the laughter of the grandkids. In happy smiles and cuddles in the morning and random I love you's throughout the day.

It shouts to us as we ring in 2013, 4 generations enjoying time together, laughing, sharing stories and toasting those no longer with us.


At some point in Book Love, Penny Kittle says, "Nothing without joy."  Those words stayed in my head and my heart.

Nothing without joy.

My One Little Word for 2013: Joy

Look for joy. Live with joy. Love with joy.

Happy New Year!


  1. JOYful noise. That's a wonderful sentiment. It's one I remind myself of often when things get noisy around here. The noise is good. It means my daughter is happy. Just like your brood was happy in your midst this holiday season.

    I hope to read about the holidays from Chloe's perspective sometime soon.

    Happy 2013 to you and yours Deb.

  2. Love it, Deb! What a great word! That line in Book Love really jumped out at me too! I hope you find lots of instances of joy this year-- big and little!

  3. I love that...joyful noise. All the best for the new year, Deb.

  4. So happy to hear about your family all being together, Deb. I thought it would be, but wasn't sure. What a terrific time, & it reminds me of my time growing up, with all the generations together. We are all too far apart to get together anymore, but I'm glad to have had them. My own family has a great time, but there are just fewer of us. Happy New Year with JOY all the year through!

  5. Great word! I am sure you could also add "write with joy" Happy New Year to you!

  6. It has been joyous. Love you all!

  7. Wishing you much, much joy in 2013!

  8. What a perfect word to keep in your mind and heart through this year. Love the description of the family sounds!

  9. Joy is everywhere around us and what a great word for 2013. May you and your family continue to find joy in your gatherings. I will look forward to reading more joy in your slices. Happy New Year.

  10. Nothing is without joy. Wow, that's pretty good stuff, huh? It's so true. Why live this life if we don't see the joy in every day, every moment, every little second of life? No time to complain. Seek the joy. Cheers to you and a joy-filled year!