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This past week was Homecoming week in our district.  A week not only celebrated at our high school, but with our elementary and junior high as well. It is a crazy week of dressing up, selfie contests and and anticipation. For some it is easy to see negative behaviors and wasted class time, but for most of us, IT IS FUN.

Three little words that are so powerful.  I love you.  I've been saying them a lot this week--to students.  And I've been hearing those words a lot this week--from students. Kids drop in to talk, "Love you, Mrs. Day."

"Love you, too"

As I thought about it one night this week, it just made me smile.  Today, as I was looking through my quote board on Pinterest, I found this:

My students and I are creating quite the little community. We have a few "family" members who need to shape up, but most of us are taking care of each other in the classroom.  We're not perfect. Sometimes we lose our patience with others, sometimes we say things we shouldn't, sometimes we let things slide that we shouldn't. But mostly, we are getting it done.  And I do love my kids.....

This is my favorite picture of the week

When I asked him if was getting work done or if he was watching a movie or something, he immediately turned his computer around and showed me his work.  Never underestimate the power of putting yourself in the corner and getting a little work done!

And the last thing I am celebrating this week is a new friend, someone I know I can go to if I need to. She has joined @Artteach13 and I every Friday morning in a little project we have.  We are writing Happy Grams, for lack of a better term. Notes home celebrating something a student has done in the classroom or in school.  Not just the A students, but any kid who needs a boost.  It's been fun for us to meet and talk and write these notes.  We also decided that maybe they shouldn't be just for kids...there are a few adults who could use a boost also.  Here's to sharing celebrations!


  1. That picture is priceless! I have a student who burrows into a tiny space next to the couch during reading time. He is always reading! I LOVE the Happy Grams!!! I may borrow that idea! Thanks for your humorous and inspiring celebrations today!

    1. Michelle, my students tend to use every bit of my room. This particular student is not always the most ambitious, so seeing him here WORKING just made my day.

  2. I went through a period when my class did what we called "gotchas", little notes of compliments, boosts, etc. I love that you and your friend are taking the time to give some joy. I think it means a lot! And love the "I love yous" running around-great stuff, Deb!

  3. We all need a little corner, and in some classrooms they may be hard to find or not acceptable to work in. Your room is different, everyone can find a spot, and voice.

  4. LOVED that picture when I saw it on Twitter, Deb - it says so much about the culture of trust you have fostered in your classroom.

  5. Your students have a soft place to land, so important to their emotional intelligence. Keep spreading kindness and joy!


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