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Sometimes, when I sit at the computer and get ready to write my celebrations, it's hard to think of what to write.

Either I have too many

Or I don't feel anything is worthy.

And sometimes, I let dumb things block the celebrations.

This is one of those weeks.

But as I sit here, snuggled in a blanket, schoolwork spread around me, coffee in hand, waiting for the football game to start, lots of celebrations come flooding into my head

  • Our IT department. I can't imagine how hard their job is. 2 people and LOTS of devices. We are a 1 to 1 district. Every student in kindergarten through 12th grade have a device of some kind. Keeping everyone up and running is a tough job.
  • I have an amazing principal. Even when I don't handle things in the best way, he's got my back. He has totally changed the culture at our high school by being a role model and leader. I am so blessed to work with him.
  • I'm home. You all know I LOVE the lake, our friends there, the peace and quiet, being close to the grandkids.... But there's no place like home. And now that we've closed for the season, I can get some things done here.  Home gets a little neglected during lake time :)
  • Alone time. My husband has been at his brother's house for a couple of days. It's given me time to get grades done (end of first quarter-where did the time go?). I really needed this time!  He'll be home later today and promised going out to dinner or takeout. 
  • YEA for not having to cook!
So a little less thoughtful this week, but still celebrating. 
How was your week?


  1. The beginning of your celebration resonates with many. I like that no matter how we feel we still write. I can so relate to your home-alone-no-cooking. I haven't had one of those days for a looong time. other are at home today but I am happy for the left-over food and a banana bread in the oven

  2. Like Terje, I agree that we all have those times you mention at the beginning of the post. And yet, you still write and find things to share. Thanks for letting us share in your week.

  3. An amazing principal - no greater blessing. The image of papers, schoolwork spread out, and game about to begin is repeated in teacher homes every Saturday. Glad you came to celebrate!

  4. You are right! Sometimes it's hard to think of celebrations.

    1. Sometimes, Sam, I make a list that I keep on my desk. It helps me remember. But this week I didn't do that and it was kind of a struggle to write!

  5. I love the way you are real. I love even more the way you overcome the negatives with celebrations. Thanks for being faithful in celebrating each week.


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