Forgetting Aloha: Anger

I could feel it welling up
(Damn it all. Why do I cry when I'm angry?)

A semi-unprofessional email
for which I will apologize tomorrow
But it got the job done

Why does it have to go this far
Why do I have to get angry
Why do I have to ask three times for
Which should have been done a month ago

Tired of being part of the
Red-Headed step-child building
(I apologize for those I've offended with that remark)

Even now
hours later
I'm still angry
I had to take it this far


  1. I have had job-related anger for the past two that you rid yourself of it in a poem or partially so...I rid myself of it by telling the truth to those who needed to hear time I must remind myself to tell it sooner and the tone will be better and I might not almost cry...

  2. I so agree..why does it take being stern/mean what ever the word for people to do what they should be doing in the first place! Glad you got it built up anger is good for us :-)

  3. It does come to the 'stomping of the feet' sometimes, and that's too bad, for the person (you) and for the organization's trust. Hope that sharing helping if even a little bit. Like I say, go kick the garage door!

  4. Deb,
    Sorry it has been a rough day. Sometimes confronting the situation is the best way to make steps forward --- though never easy.

    I hope tomorrow is a better day.

  5. Sometimes we just have to be anger "just to get the job accomplished". I hope that by writing about it will relieve some of that build up anger. Time to relax and enjoy a good book, glass of wine and pamper yourself.

  6. Sorry for your tough day. Sorry that it had to take your anger to get the month old job done. Reading your post a day later I hope that Aloha has returned or at least on its way back.


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