Friday, January 5, 2018

January Goals

Every year my January goal is to eat less and move more, because, let's face it, the previous two months are killer on being healthy. By January, I need to remind myself to get back to sensible living. Also, it's cold here---really cold. So daily walks outside are not possible. At least not for me!

The eating less/healthy part is easier to get back into. The cookies are gone (thanks to the grandkids), the candy is almost gone. I did hide a few pieces or it would be gone too. But a piece of chocolate a day is mentally healthy, so I'm OK with there being some around. There are now greens and vegetables and fruit in the fridge. My husband is on board with finding some healthy recipes, so we're good there.

It's the moving more that is my downfall in the winter. Being retired means I can sit in my chair with a blanket drinking coffee as long as I want in the morning.  Before I know it, it's 11:00am and I still haven't gotten dressed or moved at all except to get another cup of coffee. 

My plan for moving is getting outside with Chloe for fifteen minutes every day (well, once we don't have dangerous windchills) and playing. We'll walk if it's warm enough. We'll run up and down the stairs if not. I brought our old Wii downstairs and am going to hook it up to our TV. I can get back on the Wii fit program--yoga, running, golf and bowling will get me out of my chair.

My last goal is to WRITE. It's the one thing I felt missing from my life when I retired. I don't know why I quit writing-- I didn't quit breathing just because I retired. Writing is something I have always done. It's part of me. But I just quit--or as Terje says, I paused.  I like that better.

I paused.

But I'm back writing now. Even if it's just a list in my notebook. I'm writing. And I'm going to do it every day.


  1. I always have the goal to eat less and move more in January, but then the cold wind blows... and my friend has me over for get the picture. I'm glad you are back to writing. That's a goal I can go along with. Especially when it only requires some hot tea and a little push to open the computer screen.

  2. I am so glad you are writing again. I felt a bit like that when I first retired, but I had actually been looking forward to the time when I could write MORE because I wasn't teaching!
    Exercise - I walk laps in the house! And now I have two small weights that I got for Christmas to help with these awful arms!
    Food - I'm jumping back on my "Eat Fat, Don't Jog" way of life for the post holidays! It works so well that my doctor took me and my husband off blood pressure med.
    I'm going to check in next week and see what you've written. I've always enjoyed your words!