Saturday, March 19, 2016

{solsc} 19/31 #sol16 Celebrate! It's All About the Basketball

Every Saturday Ruth Ayres invites us to celebrate the little moments in our lives that bring us joy.  Whether from the classroom or our own lives, it's important to focus on those things that make us smile.... Or as Ruth said in a post the other day,

"When I choose to celebrate, I no longer have space for complaining."
Discover. Play. Build.

I  love March Madness.  Watching college basketball gets me through the winter. I follow the ups and downs of lots of teams, so when March comes around, I am in 7th heaven. I read ESPN and CBS articles. Follow lots of people on Twitter who are in the know and I fill out brackets everywhere. The tournament is fun to watch, but this year, there is a lot to cheer for! All three Iowa teams made the tournament AND won their first round game---two of them on last second shots.

My birthday was Thursday, so that brought many, many little moments to celebrate.
  • Facebook wishes that went on for days
  • An early morning phone call from my granddaughter
  • Being sung Happy Birthday by a high school class
  • Dinner out
  • Basketball started :)
My hubby really wanted to do something this weekend and kept making suggestions. When I suggested something for him to do that didn't include me, he looked at me and said, "You just want to watch basketball all weekend, don't you?"  

Yes. Yes, I do. I've been working ten hour days and many weekends with speech. I need to nest this weekend. And it's how I want to celebrate my birthday. 

So I am. It's why I love my husband--he gets me. He might not always like it, but he understands my need to nest periodically.  So today I will putz around my house--repotting plants, rearranging things, cleaning upstairs, playing with Chloe 

and watching basketball.


  1. Sounds like my kind of weekend, doing what you want to do! Enjoy every moment!

  2. yes those weekends are the best. I am glad you can look inward for happiness

  3. Th best gif is when you get to do what you enjoy. Your hubby is great to accept your wish to watch basketball. Have fun!

  4. Enjoy your day and may your teams continue to win!

  5. Enjoy the nesting. Glad there's room for Chloe in your nest! Glad the Iowa teams won!

  6. I've been watching Iowa games too because a former colleague lives there now, & is so excited. Another game is coming, but I think you know that! Happy basketball watching, Deb.

  7. You're lucky that your birthday falls during one of your favorite times of year! I'm way more of a football girl than a basketball fan, but I'll admit that March Madness is fun even for me. Just the sheer craziness that happens!!!

  8. Happy birthday! Sounds like you will have a great weekend of basketball!

  9. Now that sounds like a delightful way to spend your time. My husband started the lounging with basketball routine. I will have to ask him what he thinks about your Iowa team.

  10. I agree! Sounds like a wonderful way to have spent the weekend! Happy Birthday!