Monday, March 14, 2016

{solsc} 14/31 #sol16 Avoidance

There are lots of ways to avoid doing school work (I'm writing a blog post, for instance), but some of my students have become masters of it in my room.  I've started a list of all the ways they stay off task and, sometimes, get me off-task too!

How to Avoid Doing Your Work in Mrs. Day's Room

1. Help another student with their homework--especially Math homework! Students know I  love those who collaborate and help each other out. Teaching someone else is a great way to show our own understanding of the work. HOWEVER!  Get your work for my class done first!

2. Discuss politics.  I can't help it. I'm a political junkie. And I love students who are taking an interest in politics, even if they can't vote yet.  Quote from a student in one particular class, "Any thought is three sentences away from being about politics".

3. Tell Me About Your Car (job, accident, girl/boy friend) I'm a sucker for talking to kids and love to hear about their lives. Unfortunately, sometimes I get a little carried away. And I have an at-risk student who is passionate about his cars--driving them, wrecking them, restoring them. I receive a daily update on the cars in his life.

4. Youtube videos. I hate them. Students love them. A constant battle.

5. Write stories about someone in the class or me for the writing prompt. There was a week where I was killed very creatively every day. The next week, it was another student.  These are always a way to get everyone in the room off task.

6. Fight with your girlfriend/boyfriend via text messages. Then make-up.

7. Snapchat stories. Gotta keep that streak alive!

8. In March, start talking basketball. We all have brackets and we're all experts--until Thursday, at least.


10. When all else fails--or the assignment is due at the end of the hour. Do the assignment!


  1. That's great! I remember getting teachers off topic, then having my classroom do the same thing! Sounds like a great class- fun slice!

  2. You have a gift with humor. I can imagine your students love you. This list cracked me up!

  3. You have a gift with humor. I can imagine your students love you. This list cracked me up!

  4. It's really hard to keep debaters and speech students working since they all have their own thing going on. I've seen some pretty interesting rewrites of resolutions! You might want to check out 3P grading on the Teaching That Makes Sense website. I love it, and it's a great way to keep kids on task. That said, I know I have no hope after the AP Lit and Comp test in May.

  5. My daughters tell funny stories of students trying to distract teachers with their tales. It sounds like you don't let them get too carried away. Your slice was fun to read!

  6. This: "Any thought is three sentences away from being about politics". Can't get away from it! Astute student!

  7. All of the reasons they're avoiding their work are a testament to you as a teacher (and the community you've created in your classroom). They love talking to you (though I can tell you've had enough of the prom-talk)!

  8. I loved to just let my students read. Of course, we were in the library. I had to keep up with assignments and grade too however. I hated that my library time was turned into another class, but that wasn't my decision. I did the best I could to come with fun assignments to teach them about research and using library resources. Of course, kids could get out of work too if they talked about a favorite author or book. ;)