Tuesday, May 29, 2018



Summer arrived.

Really arrived. High 90's for days in a row. And, a windy, rainstorm last night.

But here I am.

Drinking my coffee.

Reading my book.

Watching the waves.

NOT complaining about the heat
or lake flies

Because last month at this time there was still snow and ice hanging around.

Also. I don't have to go back to school today and finish up. Retired teachers don't have to go to school after Memorial Day.

I don't have to cook or clean or anything else I don't want to do because

I am at the lake.


  1. LOVE your post and the perspective of the lakeside morning. Yes, there is a lot for which to be thankful.

  2. Ah, the lake.


    Thanks for this relaxing slice, Deb! :)

  3. Enjoy your time at the lake. Oh, how I wish for a lake house. I can just imagine the serenity. Thanks for sharing your peaceful slice of it.

  4. Love summer life at the lake....but ours is three hours away and we are still in school session. Soon! Enjoy!

  5. 5 words to capture it all - "I am at the lake." Love this glimpse into your relaxed state of mind. Enjoy every moment.