Tuesday, February 13, 2018

#sol18 You Know That Feeling...

You know that feeling you get some time on Monday?

"I don't have anything to slice about!"

I looked at my notebook page for today, saw the Slice of Life prompt, and had no ideas.
Nada. Zip. Nothing.
And now that I've retired, I don't even have classroom antics to write about.

Those old doubts started creeping in.

"Who wants to read about my life?"

And then I looked at the new notebooks I bought on Saturday during an impromptu shopping trip with Greg.

"I write about these! Who doesn't like new notebook stories?"

I made notes about the day and was ready to write.
Tweet from a teacher at my school

I started reading other slices this morning like I always do. Reading what other people write gives me a little morning motivation. I read Michelle's post about her morning attendance taking and got caught up in her question of the day about cookies!  And I thought about Danny, our custodian who brings warm cookies once a month. That would make a great slice!

Then I started reading through other entries in my notebook. I write every day, I just don't turn everything into a blog post. There are plenty of ideas there just waiting for me to choose them!

And, then, there's my writing quote for the day:

I guess I did. Surprise myself, that is.

SOLSC 18 is coming up quick! This is a reminder post (mostly for me) that writing is everywhere. And the more I write, the more ideas I find.


  1. I know that feeling, but generally something appears as my fingers get to the keyboard. I do Surprise Myself, too.

  2. I know that feeling ... and sometimes I ignore it and other times I let it win and I don't write. But we all know what is better for us ... just sit and write. It doesn't have to be perfect. :) Great slice and reminder as we get ready for March!

  3. Love the natural, wandering feel of this piece. You have captured a piece of the reality of being a writer! Thanks for sharing! ps your handwriting is art!

  4. I know just what you mean! Sometimes I can't think of a thing to write, but I do surprise myself with what comes out when I sit down and do it.

  5. I love it when other slicers inspire me!

  6. I love notebook shopping and new notebook stories. :)

    P.S. I am a new Slicer. I posted my very first Slice of Life on my blog. :)

    A Turtle is a Boy's Best Friend