Saturday, February 11, 2017

Little Celebrations

Discover. Play. Build.

It's little things that drag us
Like a nasty email from a disgruntled student
we rise above it, and that is worth a celebration

We need to remember more students like us than
hate us
and they show us that love
in our classrooms

visits from former students come at
the right time
to remind us we have
goodness with the world

It's the little things that make a
Celebration Post...
Chloe snoring peacefully on the couch
A new connection with an old student
All-State selections (but that's kind of a big one)
Student giggles
Texts from grandkids asking which book should be read
Laughs with friends
Puppy pictures shared
Love returned



  1. Sometimes it's reading a poem that was written for me. You captured a few events from my week. On one of them, I am attempting to find the celebration. I continue to look for it. Former students visiting is my favorite part especially when they share a new book or for me a new word they have fallen in love with it.

  2. Love how a celebration shapes in to a poem. Puppy pictures and snoring Chloe bring cute images in my mind. My friend says that after a tough week all she wants to do is to watch kitten videos. For me conversations about books help. Having grandkids ask for recommendations is awesome. They clearly value your suggestions.

  3. You brought us in with your words to share your feelings.

  4. It's all too easy to let negativity and self-doubt into our hearts. As educators we want to connect with every student, to help every learner, but of course the reality is that sometimes personalities or styles just don't mesh, often for reasons entirely outside of our control. We can have countless happy, successful students, but that one or two we couldn't connect with can make us start to doubt ourselves - which of course is just nonsense. Still, sometimes you just need that reminder of the good you've been able to do, to help get your confidence back on track!

  5. You do this capturing of moments and spinning them with words so well. I'm a little jealous of all you have collected in this poem. I'm in awe of the way you fight negativity with small moment after small moment after small moment. Thanks for writing.
    Hugs, Ruth

  6. You did a great job sharing the breathings of your teacher-heart. I noticed some special word choice. The first two lines have despairing words: drag, down, disgruntled. But the remaining ones hold lifting words: like, love, laughs. And in the end, celebrate!

  7. Love this little celebration poem. Student giggles, texts from grandkids, laughs with friends, puppy pictures - a celebration filled with goodness to erase the difficult parts.

  8. I love the happiness at the end of your poem. So many reasons to celebrate. It's so easy to overlook all the small moments, but those moments are so filled with joy and your poem is a good reminder to look for and cherish them.

  9. That one thing doesn't feel good, I understand, but all the other things do. And there are so many other things! Nice to read this, Deb.

  10. When little things drag you down, you rise up. This is a great message for everyone, Deb. Your poem is a celebration in itself.

  11. Rising above is what my year is all about. I know sometimes it is not that easy but focusing on those little celebrations sure makes it easier! Yes, celebrate!


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