Saturday, February 25, 2017


I did it again...let time get away from me.  I haven't written in a couple of weeks. I didn't mean to--really! It's just that time of year.

February is brutal when it comes to time.

I'm up early this morning for another speech contest. Individual events this time. It's the next to last contest I'll ever coach.

But here's what I celebrated in the last couple of weeks

Discover. Play. Build.

  • Great performances from my kids at our last contest. 
  • Senior boys acting group who were honored with an All-State selection
  • An instructional coach I love in my room
  • A friend who comes to check on me during a mini-meltdown (inevitable in February)
  • Being so busy there's no time to "count down" to the end
  • My school kids who also get that these are days to remember and celebrate
  • Longer days so that it isn't dark out when I leave school
  • Valentine flowers
  • Snowblowers
  • Snow days
  • Speech contest is only an hour late today after the blizzard of yesterday
  • A co-coach this year who helps make sure everything gets done
  • Ruth and writing group and their Facebook live event! It was so fun to see them all.

OK. It's all I've got today.  I'll be back next week and will try to write a real post!


  1. This is a real post! Days to remember & celebrate, joy with students & colleagues, & longer days. Bullet celebrations work!

  2. Ah yes, longer days! I celebrate that one with you. I liked your bullet list for catching us up. Have a lovely weekend, Deb.

  3. I felt exactly the way Ramona said. This post has given us insight into your busy celebrations during this month. I am sure that the snowstorm is keeping you busy also, Deb. If you have a photo to share of the way your local looks after the storm, please do so for my winter gallery.

  4. Wasn't that Facebook live fun? What makes this a fake post? Looks like a post to me. :-) Good luck to your kids!

  5. You are here today. Celebrating. This is wonderful.

  6. Busy days and fun days. Hope you have time to relax this weekend.

  7. These snapshots are the celebration called life! Glad you could share them with us today, Deb! Have a good week!!

  8. Sound like busy but happy days. Way back when, I was on the Speech team in high school- one of my memorable pieces was from the book I Never Promised You a Rose Garden. I always enjoy reading about your speech kids.


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