Two Sides to Every Story....

It all started because I forgot to take my
blood pressure pills and vitamins Monday
What started?  I don't know what she's talking
about.  I was just entertaining myself.

I went home during my prep because I
left my pills and vitamins on the counter.
The last time I did that, Chloe got the bottle 
off the counter and got the lid off.  
Thankfully, she didn't eat any of the pills,
but I found the bottle and the pills on her 
blanket, just outside of her kennel. I was 
worried she'd do it again, so I went home.

Really, shouldn't she have to warn me when 
she's coming home early?  I mean, when do 
I get a little privacy in this place?

I walked into the house. The first thing
I saw were chewed up kleenex on the rug.
Great. She's gotten into the bathroom 
garbage. At least there wasn't a huge mess.

Maybe I'll pretend to be asleep. If I don't come
out of my kennel, she won't yell at me.

And then, I saw the kitchen. 

Geez, oh geez, oh geez.  I think she noticed the 
kitchen. I promise Santa. I was going to clean
up my  mess. Really I was. She just came  home 
too early! 

What a mess!  Garbage all over. You 
couldn't even see the floor. Yogurt cups,
butter wrappers, plastic containers, and 
coffee grounds. Everywhere. It was 

I was a little bored after they both left. and  I
haven't gotten much exercise lately.
I just smelled something soooo good in the can.
It was driving me crazy, so I had to find out
what it was. And I didn't finish supper last night, 
so I was kinda hungry.  And, well, I love yogurt. And 
then there was a hamburger wrapper and some
bread and....well, you get it. One thing led to another.

And Chloe?  The barker? The snoopy one
who greets everyone at the door. She didn't 
get out of her kennel. She lay there with her head
hanging over the door frame of her kennel, looking out 
from under her eyebrows...

They yell at me all the time for barking 
in the house , and now she's mad  because
I DIDN'T bark in the house. Jeesh. You
just can't please some people.

I start picking up the big pieces of garbage
(Remember, I was just running home for a
few minutes. It's my PREP time.) Guess 
who slinks out of her kennel? 

She wasn't yelling. In fact, she was 
kind of smiling. I thought it was safe.

Butt wagging, smiling and so glad to see
me. It was hard to be mad.

Puppy dog eyes. Gets her every time.


  1. Oh, that sounds so familiar. I think Chloe & Max are made out of the same mold. I love how you wrote from both perspectives. Thanks for your light-hearted slice - I needed it this morning.

  2. I know it's not new, but I do love that pic, Deb. It "looks" very much like Chloe is in charge! Sorry for the mess, but I've been through that with one of the former dogs-just couldn't pass on the trash!

  3. AND they use appliances while we are gone. I'm pretty sure.

    Last week a friend of ours left their little dog in the car for a minute while they popped into the house. The dog locked the car doors with the car running! After a bit of encouragement, which included jumping around...he unlocked the car again.

  4. A light hearted slice indeed! I love the two perspectives. I really do think these are Chloe's actual thoughts. "Puppy dog eyes. Gets her every time." They are smart little creatures. Thanks for the smile today - sorry for your mess.

  5. Too bad about the mess...but the story was lots of fun!

  6. hahaha, I LOVE when you write from Chloe's point of view! This post with your dueling perspectives was so fun! Thanks for sharing!

  7. Adorable. Exactly the light-hearted slice I needed to read RIGHT NOW. I love the way you captured Chloe's voice and personality in your writing. Great crafting, Deb!

  8. You had a choice to either take things in stride or get really angry and you chose the better path. One that will keep your soul, keep you healthier and allow you to share with others and give us a reminder to do the same. Thank you!

  9. Too funny! I think Chloe's identical twin lives at my house!

  10. Thanks all for the comments. It's always fun for me to have Chloe write. I needed the light-heartedness of this post!

  11. I needed a smile today and this brought one to my face...Thank you :)

  12. I love this! What a nice smile you've given me today. Thanks! I love the structure of your poem for two voices, too. Wonderful!


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