Wednesday, December 12, 2012

12/12/12: My 12 Favorite Christmas Ornaments

I love decorating my house for Christmas, and, just like my grandma, I have LOTS of ornaments. It's only natural then that my 12/12/12 post is about my 12 favorite Christmas ornaments.

The Noel Angels

I love these little angels because they remind me of home.  I got them out of "Grandma's Garage" after she passed away. My mom also has a set that my sisters and I played with. For years, my mom was the N, I was the O, my sisters were the E and L.  My brother was born when I was 8 and we all moved up an angel. Poor mom was kicked out of the angel club.  

Santa Baby Toy

My oldest son was born a week before Christmas and this was his very first toy of any kind. It was given to him by someone who was a dear friend during this time of my life.  Although I gave both sons all the Christmas ornaments that were theirs when they married and moved out on their own, this one I kept. It holds lots of memories.

Old Fashioned Santa

This is another treasure out of Grandma's garage.  There used to be two. I always let kids play with them until one was destroyed. Then I put this one up.  I collect Santas and this was really my first. 

Family Pictures

I always have family pictures sitting around. I think it has to do with the fact that no family lives in town. At Christmas I have favorite holiday pictures in winter frames. This particular one is of my mom, my sisters and I one family Christmas. We're singing along to the Jackson 5 Christmas album (that dates us a little, doesn't it). It was silly. It was fun. And it started a new family tradition.

Snow Days Screen Painting

What teacher doesn't love a snow day once in awhile? My husband bought this for me one year and it remains a favorite of mine. An added a bonus--I can leave it up until I'm sick of winter!

A Gift From Santa

I am a firm believer in the rule "If you don't believe in Santa you get underwear for Christmas". And because I am a believer, I often get Santa presents in December. This one came in early December one year so that I could enjoy it the whole season.

Snowman Scene Nightlight

One year my best friend and I were doing a little Christmas shopping in town.  I saw this and loved it. She bought it right out from under me. I was so disappointed. But several weeks later gave it to me when we celebrated Christmas together.

Wooden Santa Hanging

More proof that Santa exists!

The Elves

They're just plain cute. I used to put this in front of our Christmas tree because I liked how it looked as if the elves were decorating the tree. But then we got Chloe. She tends to eat things like this. So I moved them to the top of the stairs. Yep. I decorate the upstairs bedrooms too.

Santa Treetopper

What I really want for the top of the tree is Mom's one-eyed angel (long story there). But I have to settle for my Santa.  

Ornaments from students

As a middle school teacher, I still received gifts from students (high school students just don't seem to do that). Many of them hang on my tree. They give me a smile every year.

Santa Portrait

I found this portrait one year and had to add it to my Santa collection. This is just what I imagine the jolly old soul to look like.

Musical Snowmen

I love these guys. Often when I'm cleaning or cooking I wind them up and let them play. These used to sit at the foot of the bar in our dining room. But once again, Chloe. She has this thing about stuffed toys of any kind, so now I put them up.  The grandkids love them, so when they come for Christmas, I'll have to put them somewhere lower.

Snowman Family

One of our sons gave me this for Christmas one year.  It's just cute and I like it. Always reminds me of him.

The Grandparent Snowmen

My husband gave this to me the year our first grandchild was born. I left the tag on because it says "To Grandma Deb from Grandpa Googie". The first thing I received as a Grandma.....

So, that's it. 12 of my favorite Christmas ornaments. All with special memories. All given with love. All shared with you.  Now, what are your 12 favorite things?


  1. Oh, I loved those angels! And I loved how you knew which one you were. I really should hunt down some ornaments that may have been safely packed. I'm not sure I have any old ones left. Oh, but one, I just remembered.
    My ornament is a porcelain of a sleeping girl and a boy in pajamas sitting on an overstuffed chair, with milk and cookies, waiting for Santa. Bought it when my son and daughter were small...reminded me of them.

  2. Deb, I am not surprised to see your lovely ornaments, because I collect Santas & snowmen too! I am in the midst of trying to find places for them, or at least some of them this year. They too will have to be up because a 'granddog' is coming. I love your angels, have an angel bell that was mine as a little girl that looks almost like yours. What nice memories to go with each, too.


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