Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Snow Dog

It snowed here on Sunday. Big fluffy flakes. Picture postcard perfect flakes. Beautiful for a first snow, although I'm sure the same snow in February or March won't be near so beautiful or perfect.

I don't think Chloe remembered what that white stuff was. At first she just went out, did her business and came back in. It wasn't until we went in the back yard to play that she really got the white stuff figured out.

And then she went nuts.

I tried to play fetch, but the cold air made her frisky. She growled and jumped and did her happy, crazy race around the yard. She stuck her nose in it, tasted it and rolled in it.

And then, I tried to make a snowman.

I start the perfect ball. Get it rolled just right. Put it in the perfect spot.

Chloe thought the ball was for her. It must have looked like a fun toy. Surely if she picked it up and ran, I would chase her. Every time I made a ball, she dove in. Sometimes she tried to eat it. Sometimes she tried to roll it with her nose. I never did get a festive holiday snowman made for my yard.

But, I do have a snow dog...


  1. We don't get a lot of snow in Arkansas, but when we do Max goes crazy (just like Chloe). He runs and races, burrows his nose thru the snow and comes up sputtering. Thanks for sharing your Snow Dog - cute!

  2. Oh - look at those eyes!?! A snow dog that is just so darn cute and cuddly. This sounds like a picture book in the making. Maybe Chloe needs to tell this story! What a fun read! (And I'm a little jealous of the big fat snowflakes. I just want to see a couple flakes floating about . . . )

    1. Oooo, MIchelle. It could be a picture book. Maybe my big, blond fluffy dog could be a new friend of Clifford's!

  3. Look at her adorable snowy face!

    I saw that the Midwest got hammered with snow yesterday. I hope the roads are more passable today.

  4. Such a sweet slice! Chloe is a beautiful dog. I snickered at your comment about how pretty the snow was right now, but in February or March, it won't be. That is so true!!! Our only snow was yesterday for one brief hour in the morning --- nothing stuck. Maybe next time :).

  5. Love the picture (in my mind) and the photo included. My Buddy did many similar things. Too cute!

  6. No snow in Maine yet. But if you have it, it can't be long now! We lived in southern Minnesota for 10 years, and I'd call home to let my parents know what was headed their way in Maine. Our dog is a Golden Retriever, so loves the snow too. Loves icicles and snowballs and diving for them. Kinda like water to her! Chloe looks so, so happy there with snow on her face! I'm looking forward to that first fun snow now.

  7. How cute is Chloe! Sweet snow. We are too, too warm in Florida (85 today). Send some of that white stuff our way! I bet our dog, Daisy, would love it too.

  8. No holiday snowman....but one adorable Chloe!

  9. Those big fluffy flakes are the best! So magical. I was laughing as I imagined Chloe destroying your every attempt at a snowman! At least she had fun!

    Also, I gave you a "Liebster award". The description is on my post tonight!

  10. Love that she thought it was a ball for her! We used to have a sheepdog, who scooped up the snow with his snout & threw it up into the air. I imagine Chloe doing that too. We had a litte snow Sat. night before the move, but thank goodness it wasn't much. It was really cold though. I love the first paragraph about loving this first one, & not so much later on. So true!

  11. "She growled and jumped and did her happy, crazy race around the yard. She stuck her nose in it, tasted it and rolled in it." I love this description of Chloe in the snow. I can see her!

  12. I love that happy crazy snow dance that dogs do. I can picture it on Chloe perfectly! I can't wait for snow here, but in the meantime it is great to experience the joy of the first snowfall vicariously through Chloe.


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